Welcome to Sour Jones! The name change is meant to reflect a slight shift in direction for this blog. Many things about the previous (before 2013) blog will remain the same (travels, funny stories, recipes); however, my hope is to expand, update, and branch out (home improvements, fashion, book reviews, etc.). I hope you like what you read.

Every day with two growing girls is a new adventure. We are busier than ever with a new relocation from Portland, Oregon to Charlotte, North Carolina! There's always plenty to do to stay busy. 

For a creative outlet, I run a very small stationery/invitation business out of our home. It is named after the girls: PiperSimone Papers. I sell a small sample of my creations on Etsy and you can visit my store HERE.

This blog was intended to be a space for me to write, maintain something that is "mine," share what inspires me and what makes our family tick, and to keep friends and family "in the loop" on what we're up to. I hope to stay on track with that in this new chapter of our lives here in The South!

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