Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SunRiver 2010

If you're a regular to the blog here, you might already know that we love to vacation in Sunriver, Oregon.
This year, we threw an invitation out to some California families who have been a part of our lives for such a long time: the Bills Family (obviously), the Stewart Family, and the Rathjen Family. Much to our absolute delight--EVERYONE said yes!
Staci and Rusty had just been in Oregon for the TCC Member-Guest Tournament. They headed home to Sacramento on Sunday of the previous weekend and headed back with a carful of kids (Natalie and Norah) and gear on Wednesday.
Heather and Ben drove up from San Rafael with their little monkeys, Cameryn and Molly.
Jill and Dave came up from Pleasanton with Emma and Luke.
All said, we were a team of eight adults and eight kids.
Here they are in order of age.
Emma, Cameryn, Natalie, Geneva, Luke, Piper, Molly and Norah
We enjoyed a concert (and beverages) the first night. There was a lot of dancing, 
and jumping to the beat.
We busied ourselves the rest of the week catching up, golfing, horseback riding, laughing, swimming, playing, laughing, eating great food, spa-ing, laughing... You get the idea.
Ben busy exaggerating about something.
Geneva at the playground.
Molly enjoying an ice cream treat.
Staci and I enjoying the great weather on the back deck.
Natalie and Geneva - BFFs
Tammy and Greg's self-portrait.
Geneva and Me
"Kid Soup"
I loved this. Heather called bath time with her girls, "making Kid Soup." So, whenever we had them in a  smallish body of water (like the hot tub) we all started referring to it as Kid Soup.
Of course, someone had to hurt themselves (wouldn't be a family vacation without some injury, right?). It happened to be Geneva who took off nearly half her toenail when she stubbed her toe wearing rubber flip flops. She was a really big girl about it and refused to let it slow her down one bit. In fact, when the big "flap" fell off after she got out of the pool, just before I took this picture, she said, "Mom, the chunk came off--here" and tried handing it to me. (SO GROSS)
Cheers to my husband who made such great friends in college, who then went on to marry such fabulous women, who then went on to have such spectacular families!
Already looking forward to SunRiver 2011!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Sister's Wisdom

It's quite endearing and also very entertaining when these two try to figure things out on their own.
At lunch today, Piper was picking the sesame seeds off her cheeseburger bun and making a neat pile on her plate. "Geneva, we could plant these in the dirt and grow lunch," she announced.
"What would we grow?" Geneva asked.
"Cheeseburgers. These are cheeseburger seeds," she replied simply.
"Piper, cheeseburgers do not grow from seeds," informed Geneva.
"Where do they come from then?" Piper wanted to know.
"Mom, where do cheeseburgers come from?" Geneva inquired.
(Hmm... What to do...?)
"Cows," I said busying myself with some unimportant task.
... {thoughtful silence} ... 
"Cheeseburgers come from cows?" asked Piper.
"Yes," answered Geneva matter-of-factly. "Cows are chefs."

(Good enough for now? I hope so.)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TCC Member-Guest 2010

We were so happy that Rusty and Staci made the trip up to Oregon to do the Tualatin Country Club Member Guest Tournament again this year!
Rusty and Greg played a practice round Thursday and Staci flew in on Friday for a pedicure, lunch, the "Horse Race," and the cocktail party.
Our flight for the Horse Race was much more subdued (read "old") this year, but we managed to have a great time and take a few tipsy self-portraits.
The guys had played their first round in the morning and did "ok."
They were out after the first two holes of the Horse Race... but it we were happy to head back to the party and enjoy the bar and buffet--and the BAR.
Last year, we had a fantastic time getting to know Andy and Kelly Bither. This year, their friends Ben and Chris had come out from Minneapolis for the event. We had an equally great time visiting and laughing with them!
It was a great weekend!
Oh yeah! Our husbands played so well (mostly Rusty) on Saturday that they took first place in their flight and second place overall for the tournament!
{Proud sigh.}