Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Geneva FINALLY got to take her first gymnastic lesson on Monday morning. I stress the finally because I made the mistake of showing her the leotard last Wednesday and mentioning her upcoming gymnastics class. Every day between, we battled about her wearing her leotard 24/7 and she melted down every morning when she was told it was not "gym-mastics" day.

I was really impressed with the equipment at her disposal during her lesson. While she didn't actually execute many movements that would "traditionally" be done on these apparatus, she did get to "experience" several balance beams, a high-bar, the parallel bars, rings, trampoline, foam pit, and a few spring boards. 

Here she is getting some assistance with her very first "kip" (from a hanging position, you pull your legs up, over the bar, swinging into an upright position where you are resting your hips at the bar). I wish I had a shot of her last attempt--she did it 90% by herself!

Taking turns with the other girls.

There was a nice play area behind the observation deck for smaller siblings to entertain themselves. Avery had a great time making new friends and demonstrating her assertiveness (read: she's really bossy sometimes).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Greg got to take Geneva out on the Willamette River Monday evening. Our friend Garrin brought his girls, Olivia (4) and Bella (6). It was a "Daddy and Girls" adventure. Here she is "driving" the boat with Olivia and Garrin. Do you think she had a good time? Maybe now my husband will consider a boat for our family? (Don't hold your breath!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

So Moving... (click on this title to see the video)

I must be very tired. I was up most of last night with Piper who had (another) bout with the croup. My friend Julie just sent me this link to a YouTube video and I loved it. 
I was so moved by the story, I balled like a baby! I hope you enjoy it too.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


... mine look like this too--but it's not cute. I couldn't be more grateful that my "baby's" chub has lasted this long. Avery is our last baby and she is getting so much bigger everyday. I cannot believe that Geneva was 18 months when Avery was born. NeeNee seemed so much older at the time than Avery seems to me now. We treat her like "the baby" as well and have managed to create quite a little monster. She can throw a tantrum like you would not believe. She is the mirror opposite of Geneva in almost every way. Amazing. I love her determination, will and independence as much as I am frustrated by these traits a moment later! She is such a character.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Watermelon Weather

The weather has been amazing around here. Sunshine, warm temperatures, crystal clear skies... I spent so many summers in Sacramento, I forgot how "nice" (mild) summer can be!

The girls are enjoying the warm weather as well. Watermelon is just so refreshing!

It fills my little ones with love!
"Sticky Kisses"

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Peers

Geneva is learning so many new things at preschool: the names of different insects, how to care for baby chicks, silly songs, etc. She is also learning new things from her peers at school. Today she pointed at the freckle on her neck and told me she had a "barf mark." Awesome.

Geneva's Birthday Kickoff

Our fun-filled birthday weekend kicked off with a visit from the Cainey family! Katelyn is Geneva's age and she has an adorable baby brother, Cole (who was over-loved by Avery the entire weekend). We made "confetti" cupcakes with pink frosting and tons of sprinkles. My sprinkle helpers took their job very seriously... and what a fabulous job they did.

Grandma Lulu flew into town for the festivities. We had a barbeque planned on Friday. Ribs, coleslaw (yummy, yummy with apples and pecans), baked beans, and watermelon--of course! Auntie Jessica and Cousin Stephanie helped us celebrate along with Mike, Jessica, Patrick, and Nicole. The weather was gorgeous and we played outside all evening.

The little girls got to enjoy their creation after dinner. Three monkeys in the teeter-totter! Frosting EVERYWHERE!

NeeNee just discovered Toy Story. She is a big fan and loves "movie night" with the family.  Mommy and Daddy bought her a Buzz Lightyear and Gma Lulu gave her a Woody doll. Do you think she was excited?

Another favorite gift was this mermaid costume 
(the best $3 spent in November 2007).
Geneva finished the night more than a little over-stimulated. Bedtime is typically 8pm. At 9:40 she was still trying to convince me that she wasn't tired and didn't need to go to sleep yet... 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sundae Super Sunday

So I decided last-minute (while I lay in bed--not sleeping) to put a little something together for Geneva's third birthday. Her actual birthday falls on Friday. Grandma Lulu is flying in for a visit. Grandma, auntie Jessica (Greg's sister) and cousin Stephanie (Greg's cousin) will be joining us for family dinner, cupcakes and presents to celebrate; however, I couldn't figure out what to do for Geneva that involved her "friends" (aka: the kids in the neighborhood we've met and are getting to know). I knew if we (meaning me) were going to do anything, I wanted it to be easy, fun, and relatively low-maintenance, so I came up with an idea and I'm calling it "Sundae Super Sunday." From 6-7:30 Sunday evening we'll put out a few balloons and plenty of ice-cream and toppings; everyone can build their own sundae (plus wine and beer for the grow-ups) and visit. At some point we'll all sing "Happy Birthday"--but presents are not allowed (trust me, she is getting enough from the family). I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


If you're a mom like me, then you too cherish naptime. My girls are 3 and 1 1/2. I finally have them on the same nap schedule and it is very nice to have a couple hours of the day to myself again. Of course, I should spend these hours catching up on laundry, straightening up the house, planning our afternoon activity/art project, getting a head-start on dinner, etc... but typically I use 20 minutes for a quick shower and the rest of my free time for relaxing (catching up on DVR'd shows, emailing, phone calls, reading, "resting" my eyes). Don't get me wrong, I get a lot done around here... but I do have some guilt about what MORE I could be doing instead of sitting on the couch (especially with both of the Monkeys sleeping). It's just that it's so quiet between the hours of 1pm and 3pm, I feel like I should use this time to "quiet" myself too. 

I choose to believe that the topical layer of "messiness" consisting of unfolded clothes (both clean and worn), toys, books, cracker crumbs, and shoes (my goodness we have a lot of shoes laying around) is a good trade-off for a mommy/wife who feels rested, happy, and appreciative of the part of the day when she is simply "Tammy." I'm fairly sure my family thinks it's a good balance as well. ;)

Naptime is nearly come to an end... so I'll just hop off the couch and fold a quick load of laundry to make me feel "accomplished" for the day (the struggle between guilt and peace continues....)