Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Treasury: Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens/Teens

Do you still put together an Easter Basket for your teenagers? I do. I think I'll continue doing this until they get married. Am I crazy? Don't answer that. I've tailored the list below for younger teens and tried to keep it fairly gender-neutral. What would you add?

1. Salty and Sweet Goodies: Don't limit the bunny to just candy. Teens like salty snacks too.
2. Pinch Me Therapy Dough: Comes in lots of great scents.
3. Gift Certificate for a Facial: Take the opportunity to get in front of acne with good info and healthy habits.
4. Beach/Pool Sandals: These always look fun in a basket and they're useful too!
5. Shape Shifting Box: I just heard about this cool new "toy" --it would be terrific for any fidgeters you might have.
6. New or Vintage Vinyl: Too bad Harry Styles' new album doesn't drop until May...  
7. Journal/Notebook/Sketchbook: Encourage the creativity, organization, and day-dreaming!
8. Gift Cards: Chipotle, coffee shop, donuts, favorite fast food... The list is long.
9. Soda/Beverage Treat: In NC, maybe it's Cheerwine or how about a Frappuccino? Make it fun.
10. Anecdote Candles: These are snarky and fun --plus they smell great!
11. "Get Out Of Chores Free" Coupons: For busy days or lazy days!
12. Book or Magazine: Thanks to TikTok, books among teens are having a field day again. If you don't have a big reader, maybe find a specialty magazine that speaks to your kiddo's interests.
13. Event Tickets: Go as big as you want with this (music, sports, movie, live theatre).
14. Ball Cap or Visor: Favorite sports team, clothing brand, luxury brand --it's a great way to encourage your kid to keep those peachy cheeks from too much sun damage.

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