Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinspiration Pantry

Not sure if you're familiar with Pinterest. It's one of my latest timesucks. I love it. It's an amazing forum to "bookmark" fabulous ideas and organize them in one convenient spot. You can have as many different categories as you like (recipes, books to read, "Do it Yourself" Crafts/Projects, fashion, etc.). For me, it's been a terrific place to take a virtual "note" of something I like, something I want to make, or something I want to do. You get to choose one picture from almost any website and when you "Pin it" to your profile, you can trace back the original source (often for full recipes, directions, or information about how to acquire the item).

Lately, I've made a commitment to myself to actually do more with all the pinned goodies I've found. Which is to say, I need to spend less time on the computer planning what I'd like to do and more time taking action. :)

While I have been pretty good at making some of the recipes I've found and pinned (and purchasing some of the items I've also pinned), my first "big" Pinspiration Project has been to give our pantry a makeover. It's been absolutely desperate for one. {It's true--I hear it crying out in embarrassment anytime someone, other than our immediate family, accidentally sees its insides.} 

Here are two photos I found on Pinterest that I used as my inspiration (get it, pinspiration?).
{Brett Valenstein Designs}
{Martha Stewart}
I love the cohesion of the first pantry above. While things are organized, it looks like a family actually uses this space as well. I really love the light fixture (but didn't actually get that far with my makeover). I also love the second photo but feel as though it's not realistically achievable in my home. You see, I have lots of things I like to keep in my pantry that are NOT yellow or white {snicker}. However, the idea of having a few common elements to make the space unite, seemed doable.

Here is what I had to work with:
"Where's the cat food (substitute anything else here)?"
"It's in there. Just look for it!"
You can see I had some good intentions along the way: bread basket, canned food shelves, a basket for my tea...
And so the process began, with me emptying everything out and into the kitchen. I'm embarrassed to admit how much expired food was in this pantry {blushing}. You may be able to recognize that I was raised in my grandparents house. Having lived through harder times, they always kept plenty of canned food and dried goods on-hand (just in case). I do enjoy having a backup up two!

The pantry threw up into the kitchen!
I should have taken a picture of the floor too. Because as soon as I ran out of counter space (which did not take long), I started making rows of stuff on the floor. The process of purging was thrilling. When I was finished, I had a trunk-load for donation and had filled the recycling and garbage bins to the top.

It was a solid, six-hour process (not including wine breaks). I'm quite pleased with the results.
So much less on the floor!
Apron Collection
Apparently, I have a "Basket Collection," as well--though, I came to have this more by accident. 
I'm addicted to jars and bottles.
Look! We even have food in here!
I invested a few funds into the chalkboard baskets (to tie the space together and house smaller items that go together) and bright, flower wall decals (to add a little fun surprise). I picked them all up at Target. 

I look forward to sharing how some of my other pinspiration comes to life at our house.

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