Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

  • Having my friend Juliane in town. It's been ages since we've had a chance to spend any time together. Three hours of chatting feels like 30 minutes!
  • The delicious comfort of traditional holiday meals:
  • Geneva's logic: "You know what helps when your sick? To eat treats like lollipops and cookies. Remember when Dora brought goodies to her grandma when she was sick? Like that."
  • My friend Michelle's Texas Cheesecake recipe (um... SO sinful!)
  • Spending a couple afternoons this week enjoying the Oregon sunshine.
  • The beautiful lilies we received from Tiffany the night we hosted Greg's sales team to dinner last week.
  • The fact that I pulled off hosting 18 people to dinner last week!
  • These cards I made recently:
  • Avery's blossoming personality. She is one funny kid!
  • Squirrel watching. We have the squirrel superhighway along our back fence. It is seriously entertaining. We typically enjoy our squirrel drama in the morning over coffee and chocolate milk, but the action really goes on all day. We love it!
  • Sisterly love and crib-silly-cuddles. Sometimes Geneva likes to be the one to get Avery up from her nap (which includes climbing into her crib with her). It's not always this sweet and quiet--more often than not, it's jumping, singing, crazy chaos. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Portland Children's Museum

I cannot believe that we've lived here for a year and this morning was our first visit to the Portland Children's Museum! I had no idea what we were missing. We arrived as "first-timers" and left as members!

Geneva has been talking a lot about visiting "the museum" so I figured a nice St. Patrick's Day adventure was in order. We checked out the Children's Museum online this morning and then headed out that way in the grey wet weather.

The museum shares a parking lot with the zoo (which we try to visit at least one day a month) so the girls were a bit confused when we arrived. They quickly warmed up to our "new" destination when they realized they could touch and play with EVERYTHING. They are literally the perfect ages right now to really enjoy all of the museum.

They made art projects and got dirty,

practiced being pediatricians,

worked on shapes and colors and building,

painted their own faces,

worked with clay,

hammered, glued, cut, created,

ate a warm lunch,

splashed and poured,

twisted, turned, pulled and climbed,

brushed and examined,

and made an appointment for our next visit!

It was a whirlwind of a morning. Needless to say, they took great naps this afternoon. As members now, I look forward to many returns. What a perfect place to spend a wet Portland morning.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Her Terms

Geneva: Mommy, the only way we can be best friends is if you let me watch shows every day. 
Me: Couldn't we be friends too if I just take good care of you, keep you warm, make you good food to eat, buy you clothes when you grow out of your old ones, play puzzles and read books to you? 
Geneva: No Mom. That's not an option. 
Me: That's not an option? 
Geneva: No Mom. You have to let me watch shows every day if you want to be best friends. That's how it has to be. 
Me: I see.

(Apparently, we're not going to be best friends.)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Greg was away on business this last week and the girls and I managed to keep ourselves fairly entertained. Jenn came to visit and brought the girls their Christmas presents. Art supplies are always a huge hit!
It was a treat for them to have random presents in March and a treat for us to watch them create their masterpieces.

Note the concentration.

Geneva has a new favorite bedtime story that we checked out from the library. It's called, No More Cookies! by Paeony Lewis. It's a very cute read about a little girl and her stuffed monkey trying to get Momma to give them some cookies. I don't want to spoil the ending; however, there is a recipe for Magic Monkey Bananas we just had to try.

We didn't have "empty" popsicle sticks but the plastic spoons worked just fine.
Our Magic Monkey Bananas were a treat.
Avery's silly personality is a treat.

To help celebrate my friend Michele's birthday, I made a cake. It reminded me so much of my Grandma. I used to have to bake a box cake (typically, Yellow and in a 9x13 pan) every Friday after school and then frost it with homemade cream cheese frosting. It was one of my chores. Grandpa like to have a cake on hand. I haven't made frosting in ages. 

I jazzed it up a bit by adding cocoa powder.

Geneva helped me frost the cake--we were generous in the amount of frosting we applied. She asked if we could add sprinkles: Of course!
After all, it was a treat.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

I should maybe just name this post "Man Stroke Woman" because while there are so many things in my life I love and am grateful for... the sketches from this group are so hilarious I watch them over and over and nearly come to tears each time. I wont post any of the videos here on the blog because many people would likely find them offensive. You should be forewarned that the content is very "adult themed" (so don't watch if your kids are in the room, or if you're sensitive to profanity, or if you're opposed to very dark humor, or if you think there are some subjects that are just taboo... I'm seriously warning you, this may not be for everyone). 

So if you're up to it, here's what you need to do: Go to YouTube and search "Man Stroke Woman." Then watch! For some of my absolute favorites (and some added insight into my own "whack" sense of humor), add the following search terms (or just "click" on them):
Enjoy! (I hope.)