Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Portland Children's Museum

I cannot believe that we've lived here for a year and this morning was our first visit to the Portland Children's Museum! I had no idea what we were missing. We arrived as "first-timers" and left as members!

Geneva has been talking a lot about visiting "the museum" so I figured a nice St. Patrick's Day adventure was in order. We checked out the Children's Museum online this morning and then headed out that way in the grey wet weather.

The museum shares a parking lot with the zoo (which we try to visit at least one day a month) so the girls were a bit confused when we arrived. They quickly warmed up to our "new" destination when they realized they could touch and play with EVERYTHING. They are literally the perfect ages right now to really enjoy all of the museum.

They made art projects and got dirty,

practiced being pediatricians,

worked on shapes and colors and building,

painted their own faces,

worked with clay,

hammered, glued, cut, created,

ate a warm lunch,

splashed and poured,

twisted, turned, pulled and climbed,

brushed and examined,

and made an appointment for our next visit!

It was a whirlwind of a morning. Needless to say, they took great naps this afternoon. As members now, I look forward to many returns. What a perfect place to spend a wet Portland morning.

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  1. Im not even a "children" and that looks fun to me. So cute.