Tuesday, July 27, 2010

South Dakota Goes to the Oregon Coast

We had the pleasure of having my dad and stepmom visit from South Dakota at the end of June. It was a mini-family reunion, as both my stepsisters and their families came up from California too. Dad turned 60 and we celebrated with friends and family... but first we went to the beach!

Geneva took this one:

I'm not sure who enjoyed building sandcastles more... my dad or the girls.

Of course, a sandcastle is not complete until it's been decorated.
This is just one unit of a multi-unit structure.

There were lots of "treasures" to be collected on the beach, some larger than others.

And what's a sunny day on the coast without a game of frisbee?
Look at that 60YO! He's still got it!

Blue skies and sunny smiles!
A perfect day.

Geneva flew her first kite. 
I love that she got to do that with her kite-flying Papa Clyde!

We toured the lighthouse and took in the views. 
It really was a beautiful day.

A trip to Netarts would not be complete without a stop at the Tillamook Creamery and Cheese Factory.
Piper choose chocolate. She's such a big girl these days! She got more in her mouth than she did on her shirt... {bittersweet sigh}... they grow up so FAST!

It was so nice to spend a few quiet days with Papa and Grandma at the Oregon coast!

We miss you!!!

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