Saturday, October 23, 2010

Amiguitos at the Pumpkin Patch

We enjoyed what may be our last nice day of sunshine yesterday with the girls' school on their field-trip to the The Flower Farmer pumpkin patch.
It's such a delight to see the girls interact with all of their school friends.
Piper and Mali 
Emerson and Geneva
There was an incredible game of hide and seek, tons of running and buckets of laughter.

 I loved seeing the girls interact with their teachers. To listen to them rattle back and forth in Spanish is amazing. Geneva has FAR surpassed my own ability to speak the language (and I did have 6 years of instruction--though it was "public school-style" with what amounted to maybe one real hour per week of conversation). To witness the mutual affection is just as satisfying. They are really benefiting from the immersion into the Spanish culture as well.
Riding the train.
Piper with Maestra Claudia and Geneva on Maestra Laura's lap.
 Each child got to choose a pumpkin to take home but they had to be able to carry it without help. Geneva is strong. 

Piper and her BBF Poppy
The Three Amigas
Emerson, Geneva, Piper
It was a great day!

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