Friday, December 17, 2010

Two Holiday Surprises

My first holiday surprise came on Wednesday. In the form of a Karma Jackpot.

To say I've been a bit frazzled this season, would be an understatement. I could rattle off at least 5 significant events that are keeping my mind occupied and my anxiety high--but let's not get into that just now... We are on the topic of "good" news.

Wednesday morning Greg and I happened to be able to catch a quick coffee with one another at Starbucks, located inside a large Target store. It was brief. He was checking work emails, I was checking last-minute stationery "emergencies." We did get to chat to one another for a brief time as well. It was nice.

I left our rendezvous and headed to the girls' school for a little volunteering. We rounded out the afternoon with a lunch/playdate at our house and then it was off to Dance class around 4pm. When I got into the car I reached over for my purse and realized it wasn't in the passenger seat (where it lives). I thought, "that's odd." So I ran back in the house to grab it. Only, I couldn't find it anywhere. We headed to Dance and once the girls were situated, I began really panicking. I called the school--no one had seen it. I called the bank and thankfully, there wasn't any strange activity on the bank cards. I called Greg and asked him to look into our credit accounts. I dreaded thinking about having to cancel all of our accounts right before the holidays. 

With bitter realization, I called Target, the last place I truly remembered having it. I was 90% sure I had left it there and 100% sure that if I had, I would never see my gorgeous purse or favorite wallet again--not to MENTION the cash or credit/bank cards! 

I'm sure you've guessed by now, (or maybe you've read about it on my facebook page) but they HAD my purse at Customer Service. Not only that, but everything was inside and untouched. I was flabbergasted! Truly, utterly, flabbergasted. Overjoyed. 

Cheers to Karma!

My second surprise this week came in the form of paper, one of my favorite things--in any form. But just look how darling these are:

They are angel Christmas tree ornaments that one of my new and most favorite Etsy customer/friends made entirely out of paper and sent to the girls! 
Totally unexpected. Completely lovely. And so incredibly thoughtful.
They're gorgeous.

So cheers to the holidays! I'm IN!
May you enjoy this magical time of year and find joy in all the big and little surprises that are coming your way!

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