Thursday, April 2, 2015

Things I Love Thursday // 4.2.15

  • Greg Jones ~ Not only because it's his birthday… but also for a thousand other reasons. To name a few: because he holds my hand, makes me coffee, cuddles me every morning during our "snooze-button intermission," texts me to say "hello," always kisses me hello and goodbye, is generous with the compliments (both in quality and quantity)… I could literally go on and on… 
  • My Letter & Stone post earrings from Anthropologie ~ These magically appeared in my stocking at Christmas. (Thank you, Self. Does anyone else stuff their own stocking?) I've worn them at least once every week since then. They can be a little confusing for some folks--but that's fun too.
  • Zofran ~ Honestly. It's been a challenging season of the stomach flu for the Jones girls. I'm not sure if we'd be fairing nearly as well without this miracle pill that wards off vomit for 6-8 hours at a time. (Too be used only in SEVERE situations.) The pediatricians don't make a habit of just handing it out. We only discovered it a couple years ago when both girls ended up in the ER with IV fluids for dehydration after 5 horrific days of rotavirus. Thankfully, we've not been hit THAT hard this year. However, the Zofran has certainly come in handy.
  • Celebrating my friend Carmen's birthday in Birmingham over a recent weekend ~ We had a great time catching up, celebrating, and indulging. The party was spectacular (blog post pending) and the company was excellent. Plus, what's not to love about a little getaway: visiting friends, seeing a new place, meeting new people, blackout shades, room service, sleeping in…? 
  • "Running Behind" by Holychild ~ Sun shining, windows rolled down, the girls and I singing along… It's my Spring Anthem. (The jury is out on the video.)
  • My Level 99 jeans ~ These just arrived in my most recent Stitch Fix and I am a big fan! They are a good fit around my waist without being belted--yet offer a loose, "boyfriend" style cut through the hips and thighs. I also love that they are perfectly cropped for a rolled cuff which looks great with a casual top and flats or dressed up with a blouse and heel. Fun!
  • One More Thing by B.J. Novak ~ I found this book of short stories to be delightfully entertaining. I giggled out loud through the whole thing. 
  • The WomenOn20s campaign ~ I especially love that it was my 3rd grader who clued me in to the fact that this campaign even existed. The idea is to take Jackson off and put one of many amazing American women ON the $20. You can follow the link to make your choice known. (Geneva would like to see the honor go to Rachel Carson, though she was assigned to debate in favor of Patsy Mink. I'm told she would be thrilled with any woman making it on to the $20!)
  • The amazing flower crown that G got to wear to her school dance ~ The dance was a luau theme and Geneva was hoping to wear a lei of some kind. Our sitter, Lily, whipped up this crown from the flowers in our yard. It was stunning! 
  • Getting together with some of the other women in the neighborhood who have elementary-aged kids ~ Hoping to make it a monthly event, my friend Jenn reached out and hosted a group of 9-10 of us for light snacks and wine the other night. I was so nice to take an evening to relax and get to know a few of the faces I see around the 'hood. (And also fun to have an excuse to hang out with the "other" neighborhood faces I see often!)
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