Thursday, May 14, 2015

Things I Love Thursday // 5.14.15

  • Spending a fun-filled weekend with friends at the lake ~ We we so grateful to be invited to spend Mother's Day weekend with some of our friends at their lake house in the mountains. Our kids all get along terrifically and the grownups do too! We had gourmet food, lots of laughs, sunshine, adventure, and relaxation. 
  • Having Grandma Lulu here for a visit ~ When we got home from the lake on Sunday evening, we picked Greg's mom up from the airport and have enjoyed her company this week. We've had such a great time catching up, visiting, and loving one another. 
  • Finally spraying down and wiping away most of the tree pollen so that we can enjoy both the front porch and the screened patio ~ One of the best ways to spend a spring evening is sipping a glass of chilled wine in the lovely Charlotte outdoors. (It's always a bonus when the Olympic swimming team is practicing across the street too.)
  • Our recent neighborhood dinner at Lumiere ~ Four couples, at least as many bottles of wine, pre-dinner Derby-watching/Julep-sipping, foie gras, scallops, soft-shelled crab, creme brûlée… It was a decadent evening for sure! 
  • Purging ~ I've been on a bit of a spring-cleaning kick around here and it feels pretty good. So far, I've tackled half my closet. There's still a lot to accomplish but I'm trying to be really thoughtful and thorough --so it's taking some extra time. I can't wait to get started on the girls' closets! I'm sure my husband would prefer I focus my energy on the basement. We shall see… 
  • Artful Kiddos 
  • The fact that my indoor plants are doing so well ~ I think I might be growing up (or at least growing a bit of a green thumb in my older age). I've managed to keep alive (and thriving even) a large fig tree, a gorgeous plant arrangement (sent to me over a year ago), and my latest craze: the terrarium. Yahoo!
  • My new take on veggie (or charcuterie) trays ~ I recently read someplace that veggie trays and cheese boards should be "messier" than they are usually presented. Let the elements mix together a bit and the result will be more pleasing to the eye. I tried it yesterday and I'm never going back to my A-type presentation. 
  • Introducing the kids to Virgin Strawberry Daiquiris ~ Remember what a treat these were when you were kid? (Maybe that's just me because my mom was a bartender?) They're the ultimate slurpee. Apparently, given the size, ordering them from our favorite Mexican restaurant was a great idea too. 
  • Rosé, rosé, rosé ~ Needs no explanation. #summerwater
  • My new Rombauer Winery Govino wineglasses ~ A delightful surprise from my friend Betsy in California (this girl really gets me), these will get some serious use this spring/summer on the aforementioned porches. 
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