Thursday, June 11, 2015

Things I Love // 6.11.15

  • Our "Star Writer" ~ I'm just bursting with happiness over the recognition G received this week honoring her love of writing. This girl. Honestly. If her nose isn't in a book, then her pencil is scratching furiously across the page. My wish is that she always identify as a "writer" and an "author." 
  • Getting a night away with this handsome fellow ~ Greg and I had the pleasure of celebrating a terrific couple in a beautiful NC mountain setting with tons of fun people last weekend. It was so much fun! Cheers to the Greenes! 
  • Making the LAST school lunch of the year this morning ~ Goodbye alarm clock. See you in the fall!
  • The neighborhood block party that my friend (and neighbor) Jenn just organized last weekend ~ There are so many new families in the 'hood that our 2+ years here makes us almost vintage (not really). In any event, I'm so happy about all the kids (babies too!), great families, and fun folks all around us! Cheers to new friends! 
  • The new lamp I scored last week ~ Found this gem at Home Goods and couldn't have been more thrilled to replace the IKEA stand-in we'd been living with for too long. I did adjust the position a bit since the picture (turned it toward the bar cart a touch) and I am working to implement my friend Amy's solution for the cord exposure--just haven't located the right clips yet. Overall, I LOVE it! 
  • These sandals for little girls ~ So stinking cute. They are great in-person. Just enough of the "fringed" trend--but not over-doing it. AND the way the straps work out, even my pickiest little girl could not complain about anything rubbing her skin in an irritating way. WIN.
  • The sweet little "Thanks for Helping Me Grow" terrarium that each little Jonesie made for their teacher this year ~ We had a lot of fun. Check out the tutorial here
  • The Cardinal Lane Bookfair Summer Warehouse Sale ~ If you live in the Charlotte area, you must check this out! They do two warehouse sales a year (one before the holidays and one at the start of summer break). They feature preschool, children's, and teen books and activities at 40% off the cover price. The sale is happening NOW through June 16th. 9:00am - 5:00pm Weekdays, 10:00am - 3:00pm Saturday, (closed on Sunday). EVERYONE is welcome. If you're anywhere near Southend, check it out: 327-B West Tremont Avenue (look for the sidewalk sign). 
  • Learning that cucumbers do NOT go in the refrigerator ~ Seriously. Ever since reading a recent article about storing cucumbers at room temperature, my cucumber shelf-life has more than doubled. It's amazing! Now I'm almost never short on cucumber slices to shovel Root's Thai Coconut Curry Hummus into my mouth with. Yahoo! 
  • My new summer shades
  • Geneva's favorite song on the Taylor Swift 1989 album ~ I Know Places. Good stuff.  My favorite song too. Plus, when she went to the concert with her girlfriend this week, she chose to buy her sister (left at home) a souvenir t-shirt too. (No prompting!) 
  • These great pants ~ Super lightweight and easily paired with some platform sandals and a cute top. Effortless and fun. AND on sale!
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