Monday, July 22, 2019

Leaf & Petal
I recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting old friends from the neighborhood who years ago moved "back home" to Alabama. While there, among an entire list of "favorite moments" was a trip back to one of my favorite places: Leaf & Petal. My first visit to Leaf & Petal in Birmingham was several years ago. Since then, I've been following them on Instagram (@leafnpetal).

Leaf & Petal has four locations: Mountain Brook Village, The Summit, Botanical Gardens, and a new location called Leaf & Petal Deal Depot. I've only visited the Mountain Brook location but the others will go on my short list for the next trip back to the Birmingham area.
Coffee table books, candles, candlesticks, cake stands, lanterns, place card holders, picture frames and more. I'm told the gift shop at the Botanical Gardens location has the best selection.
I wanted to take home ALL THE PLANTS. Unfortunately, airlines have restrictions on that sort of thing so I settled for a few small vessels that I filled with sweet green babies from Charlotte nurseries.
If you ever get to Birmingham, Alabama, do yourself a solid and swing by one of the Leaf & Petal locations in and around the Mountain Brook area. In the meantime, follow them on Instagram for some visual satisfaction.

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