Thursday, September 19, 2019

Things I Love Thursday // 9.19.19

  • All of the Love - I posted a picture yesterday to my Instagram and Facebook pages that came up in my Facebook Memories from 14 years ago. I'm on the left, holding 2-month-old Geneva and on the couch with us is my mom, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother. Anyhoo... the picture elicits complicated feelings for me (which I touched on in the post). So many lovely comments and texts from and conversations with my incredibly loving circle of friends followed. Y'all lifted me up all day and it felt so nice. Thank you.

  • Cooler Temperatures - We have been melting in Charlotte these past few weeks. It's been difficult to watch the kids play soccer under these conditions --and not because I feel particularly bad for them (they're young; they can hang). I mean I literally find it difficult to endure the heat while simply sitting and sweating profusely. It's exhausting. According to the forecast, we should stay under/at 90ยบ for another week. Bring on Fall!
  • Our lawn this time of year - We moved to North Carolina from the west coast. The first time I arrived at our new home (in January after only seeing it online), I was shocked to discover that we were "those neighbors" --the ones with the dead, brown lawn --on an otherwise green street. What in the world?? Turns out we have a kind of grass that "goes dormant" in the winter and needs a lot less attention in the summer. So for half the year our grass is ugly but for the other half it's (mostly) soft and bright green. When it's looking nice, I try to really appreciate it and store up some of that love so that it can see me through the long months of ugly.

  • Oreo Thins - When my brother was out visiting a few weeks ago, he told me repeatedly how delicious the new (?) Oreo Thins (especially Lemon) were. I finally bought some and we have now "opened a can" that I'm sure the lid will never fit back onto. 

  • Refreshing some frames - The wonderful thing about not owning any tremendous art is the freedom to change shit up on the regular. I've been working on replacing several of the prints in my gallery wall and other little vignettes around the house. When I get everything settled again I'll be sure to share a before and after but in the meantime, look at this Carlos Arl print I found called Books. I mean, could this be more representative of the Jones Girls?? I'm obsessed. I found lots of great choices at Society6 and they're constantly having sales. Today they're offering 25% off and free shipping on all of their Art Prints.

  • New Sprouts - Take a closer look at this snake plant... It's having a baby! This is very exciting. I hope you're excited. I'm super excited. 

  • Getting the can to the curb - You know that dreaded sinking you feel when you realize way too late that you've forgotten to take the putrid (because it's been so disgustingly hot) garbage can (Do we still call them cans even though they're plastic and have wheels?) to the curb before Garbage Day? I do. I'm very familiar with it. I felt it yesterday morning and even though I knew it was fruitless, I pulled the receptacle (that sounds way too fancy) to the curb and hoped for a small miracle. Can you believe that the truck rolled by not 5 minutes later (and several hours past the normal time)? It's true! I was so happy. Genuinely happy. 

It's the small things, people. And the big things too. It's all of the things. Find some happy. It's there if you look for it!

  • Also, this Hoodie from Athleta - This is a late add because I just found out one of my favorite sweatshirts is on sale today --and they have lots of sizes left in navy, soft pink, and heather grey. It's so soft, a great length, and I love the thumb holes. I'm wearing it today! (I'm 5'6" and this is a medium.)

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