Thursday, March 12, 2020

Things I Love Thursday // 3.12.20

I waited until this afternoon to even begin typing up my list for the week. I hesitate because of the state of things in the world with regard to the Corona virus pandemic (and more specifically, our lack of tests), the bear market, and the lack of real leadership in this crisis. These are serious and troubling times --does anyone really want to read about necklaces, sandals, and pajamas? I'm not sure. However, (clearly) I've decided that I want to take a few minutes to write about them (and the girls) in order to focus my energy and attention toward a few little things that I feel joyful about --despite my anxiety around what looms on the horizon. So here we go...

  • Soccer Sisters - Y'all! For the first time ever, the Jones Sisters are playing together on the same soccer team and I am over the moon for them. Yesterday evening in their second game (and perhaps last --considering the scope of the pandemic) of this middle school season, they started side by side as center defenders. Love. Love. LOVE. Go Pirates! 

  • GLDN Circle Friendship Necklace Sets - Instagram Ad victim hero right here *points to self*. These lovely necklace sets came across my feed a couple months ago and I ordered them for myself and three girlfriends who live too far away from me. When put together, they form a circle. Ah-dorable. They come in sets of 2, 3, or 4 --14k gold overlay or sterling silver, and three different lengths. I think they would also make a great gift for moms and daughters, between sisters, or bridesmaids. The packaging is perfect. The company sent me all four necklaces, individually boxed. My necklace had a different card inside --the other three had cards for gifting to my friends. They also included 3 padded envelopes to use for sending my gifts after I filled out the cards. 100%

  • Sorel Ella Sandals - This weather. So lovely! I sat outside on the patio for lunch today and it was such a welcomed feeling. I bought these sandals before the holidays and I have yet to bust them out. I see you, Spring and I'm ready to walk all over and through you in these. I love the neutral colors of the "Ancient Fossil" style I chose --but there are MANY color options. If I were in the market for another pair, the "Ash Brown" is fantastic with a slightly metallic sheen over the toe. I love the flat sole and leather accent at the heel. The elastic bands over the top are super comfortable. I'll wear these with all of my dresses, skirts, and capri-length pants. Can't wait!

  • My ear piercings - Almost 35 years ago, when I was about eleven or twelve, I was allowed to get a second piercing in one of my earlobes. My ears were first pierced when I was two. Sometime during middle school, my older brother decided he wanted an ear pierced. We went to the mall. The policy then (and may still be the case) was that you were paying for 2 earrings and 2 holes. He just wanted one. I got the other. Several months later, after not caring for it properly --or something like that, he had to go back to have it done again and rather than even-up my piercings (2 to an ear), I decided I'd like to add a third on one side. Later, in college, I pierced the top cartilage (and took poor care of it). In my 20s, I went on to pierce my belly button and my nose --I honestly don't remember in what order. It was a blurry time of my life. Both the nose and belly button jewelry came out in the following years. The fourth ear piercing never quite healed right. And I stopped wearing earrings in my second and third holes. However, I have recently become a fan of wearing small pieces in those second and third holes --which remarkable never closed! Maybe my mid-life crisis --or maybe it's just fun. In any event, I like it. My "Capricorn" earring set was an Anthropologie gift from my friend, Simone. The set is on sale now --though limited to Virgo, Cancer, Libra, and Sagittarius. I like these sets because they have a perfect assortment of tiny and interesting options to mix and match. 

  • Jammies - I've blogged about these jammies before and I find that I'm needing to again. I love them that much. It might be an obsession. I literally don't want to wear anything else when I am home. When it's time to get dressed in the morning (after carpool --obviously), I experience sadness in having to take them off. As soon as it is socially acceptable, I change back into them at the end of the day. If I were not on a "spending hiatus" (Yes, it's true. Until August. More on that later.) I would buy a set or two in different colors/patterns because this plaid set is beginning to fill up my photo album and I feel as though my morning carpool kiddos might enjoy a new lewk for me. If you're not on a spending hiatus and want to treat yourself to a wonderful present, consider purchasing a pair of these true-to-size (now marked down to) THREE DOLLAR jammies (limited quantities). 
    Styled here with a navy cardigan sweater, cat slippers, and favorite Amazon sunglasses

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