Thursday, April 1, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 4.1.21

More Progress on the Study

The walls are filling up and the shelves are getting styled! I found some simple black shelves at Marshall's last week and have been playing around with getting them styled. I just ordered a small piece of art so they will likely change again before I'm "done" --and really, I'm never "done." I also (finally) found a narrow shelf unit for under the window. I wanted a home for some books, cocktail accessories, plants, and photo albums but was having a hard time sourcing something vintage/second-hand that was the right size. The unit I ended up getting is from Overstock and it was very easy to put together. It looks quite handsome too. We picked up a couple small beverage tables from West Elm and plan to use the window sills for cocktail rests too. Most of the time, the middle of the room will remain empty for ease of traffic through the space; however, when serving appetizers or dessert in this room, I have a "deconstructed" coffee table solution I look forward to showing you soon.

plant propagation, my paternal grandparents, Mr.&Mrs. vases from my MIL, and some odds and ends

The console table is unavailable; however, this one is similar as is this one.

Greg's maternal grandparents on their wedding day... sorry about the glare.

An heirloom painting (and featured vase below) from Greg's family at the bar cart might be my favorite.

The Cutest Linen Cocktail Napkins

What a lovely surprise to ring in Spring! My sweet and thoughtful friend, Amy, just gifted me these super-fun cocktail napkins from August|Morgan by Kate Hersch. The detailing is perfection and the sentiments are right up my ally! I cannot wait to put them to good use. That ram is full-on Capricorn and I am here for it!

Our Dogwood Tree

The bloom never lasts long enough --so if you blink, you might miss it! If I were more clever, I might attempt something along the lines of my friend, Laura (CityStems) with these amazing branches. Just look at this arrangement she posted today in her Instagram account! She's too damn good. Sorry non-Charlotte readers... she offers local delivery only --but definitely follow the account for some eye-candy.

Ben the Bernedoodle

The puppy has nearly doubled in size and he's still figuring some things out... like how to be a good passenger in the car. (No worries, we were not moving when this picture was taken.) He is playful, sweet, NIPPY, and is getting so much better in his crate (though he still thinks 5:30am is a good time to wake up). My favorite time is when he's sleepy and/or altogether asleep --though, he does fart when he's snoozing and that is definitely not awesome at 26 pounds --so I hate to imagine what it's going to be like closer to 80 pounds.

Live-Edge Shelves

I absolutely love these wall shelves from Anthropologie. Each one is unique (and so freaking heavy). Unfortunately, one of the sizes I purchased is back-ordered --so it will be some time before they get installed. I'm planning to put them adjacent to the large round mirror in the living room and style them with terra-cotta potted plants (as the window there is one of the few that gives great light). 

This one is size small.

This is the idea... (from the Anthro website). I ordered these sizes + an additional small.

Planning to arrange the shelves in this space.

Ben's Playpen

My friend, Tracie, loaned me this giant playpen for Ben and it's been wonderful. As he is still only 10 weeks old, he must be under constant supervision. When Ben is in his pen, we can all still enjoy movies together in the evening --or even porch time when the weather is cooperating. This is a game-changer and he doesn't seem to mind it at all.

Ben's Tag

Ok, ok! It's a "Ben-Heavy" post... but can you blame me?? Just look how handsome he is in this sweet tag I had made on Etsy. When he was at the breeders, he was called "orange male" and we've kept the orange theme going --because he's so handsome in orange, obviously. 

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