Thursday, September 23, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 9.23.21

Guess who's back? Back again. Tammy's back. Tell a friend... If you know me, you understand how much I love Eminem despite his flaws. Let's not get into all of that. May I present to you, at long last... an overdue installment of Things I Love Thursday! 

My New Microbladed Eyebrows

Ladies, I continually thought about doing this for myself for about 2 years but always ended up putting it off because, A) it's a tattoo on your FACE; and B) it's a FACE TATTOO. Am I right? Big stuff. Granted, it is not really permanent --but you certainly can't erase it if you decide you don't like it. So... I contemplated, researched,  asked around, thought about it some more, and finally pulled the trigger. If you're in or around the Charlotte area, I am happy to refer you to my esthetician. If you're not around here, come visit! Ha! Or, do what I did: ask your friends and/or stalk the IG accounts (before and after pics) of microbladers near you and then obsessively search out their unfiltered reviews on all the other platforms to make your choice. Not gonna lie, the process is fairly uncomfortable and the price is equivalent to (more or less) 3 great pairs of jeans. The healing time is 3-4 weeks and during that period your brows change, peel, flake, and look less-than-stellar. Having said all that, I can't believe I didn't do this sooner. Cheers to saving so much time and frustration every morning!

Same day: Before, During, After

Snake Print Ruggable Runner

It's washable! That's what all the ads want you to hear first. I get it. Sounds great! But how I'm going to fit (even this runner size) into my machine is a mystery I have yet to solve. But I don't care! I immediately fell for the serpents and the colors of this Jonathan Adler Venom Sapphire Rug which could not have been a better match if the rug was custom made for our kitchen. 


A Little Getaway

Greg and I enjoyed an indulgent and fun trip to Miami recently. Thanks to his hard work and my mother-in-law's willingness to hang out with the girls, we were able to get away together for about 5 days. We stayed at the Fontainebleau South Beach and let me tell you, everything I packed was made of entirely too much fabric. Not kidding! The food, drinks, friends, weather, and people-watching were all delightfully top-notch. I am grateful for our vaccines, for the Covid tests before and after our travel, and the special time away with my guy.

Nobody Will Tell You This But Me

This memoir by Bess Kalb is the best thing I've "read" (listened to on Audible) in a long time. It's the touching, honest, hilarious, and heart-warming story of Bess's maternal grandmother and their relationship with one another. Listening to the author read it herself added another layer of meaning that will stay with me for a long time. I miss my own grandmothers very much and this was a story I needed when it fell in my lap. I love when that happens!


You guys. Volleyball is a very exciting sport. Especially when it is played with just enough skill --at the very particular level when mistakes and triumphs abound. It's especially enjoyable when you get to watch your kid leave her heart on the court.

New Cargo Pants

These drawstring cargo joggers from Banana Republic are my new fall favorite pants. I went into BR to check out this dress to take to Miami (a total winner and if you're shopping for dresses, consider this one and size down) and I grabbed these pants before heading to the dressing room. They are comfortable, very flattering, run little generous through the hips and bottom (thank you, BR!), and have just enough detailing to dress up or dress down. 

Panzanella Salad

This salad is amazing. I especially love that fact that my friend, Sarah, made it and did all the work and I just got to sip my wine and enjoy every bite! Sarah's the kind of cook that makes everything look effortless and easy. She'll sip her wine, tell you stories, listen to you talk about your life, and manage her household --while she chops, toasts, dresses, and serves you incredible food. I love our time together (usually around her kitchen island) even more than I love food! Here's the recipe she jumps off from for this dish. Thank you, Sarah for putting your heart in your dishes!

Target Lounge Wear

As today is the first real day with a chill in the air, I must share my absolute favorite fall loungewear. I picked these up a couple months ago and they're finally going to get some use this week as the temps around here drop into the 70s (good thing too --since our AC is out until next week). I love the pocket detail on the shirt and wide leg pant (though, they have a jogger style option as well). They could not be softer or feel more incredible. As for sizing, I went up. I wanted them slouchy and able to run right through the dryer without a problem. I bought a M shirt and L pants (drawstring at the waist and they pool at my feet --which I love).

The color is a little off in this pic. I think they're closer to the pic of the shirt (and both shirt and pants are the same fabric/color).

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