Thursday, March 31, 2022

Things I Love Thursday // 3.31.22

Custom Converse

Seems like everyone has a cool pair of high-tops this year and I didn't want to be left out. I love the look with joggers, dresses, and jeans. Decided to go with a classic: Converse. I designed the perfect pair for me (off white with a neutral accent) and I'm so happy with how they turned out. This platform style runs true to size.

Orzo & White Bean Soup

Creamy White Bean Lemon Pesto Orzo Soup is another hit from Half Baked Harvest that my family absolutely loves. I make this every few weeks on Meatless Monday and the girls are able to take leftovers to school in their lunches (keep a little extra broth on hand to help with the consistency of next-day servings). 

Amazon Slides

These "house slippers" are amazing. And yes, I wear them outside of the house too. They are squishy and durable --I'm a big fan. Geneva calls them my OjÄ«chan sandals (which means "grandpa" in Japanese). I call them fun.

Free Little Art Gallery

I'm sure you've heard of a Little Free Library --but have you ever come across a Free Little Art Gallery?? My city is so cool! The basic concept is just like the little libraries: the Free Little Art Gallery movement invites passers-by to pause for an accessible and unexpected art encounter. Take a piece, leave a piece, or both! They're gaining popularity. Here's a Washington Post article about where the idea started and what's behind it.

Allergy Medication

Wow. This season has been off the charts. I'm grateful for modern medicine.

Coupon Gifts

One of my all-time favorite gifts (holiday, birthday, Mother's Day) is a COUPON from my kids. Most recently, I cashed-in a coupon for "Dinner" and Piper planned, executed, and (mostly) cleaned up a delicious meal of pork chops, jasmine rice, and green beans. Delightful!

Sweet Peas

If you've been hanging around here for long, you're sure to know that I love some simple stems in a vase. I've blogged about grocery store blooms, my appreciation for Trader Joe's flowers, and even cuttings from the yard. I'm so tickled with the way these sweet peas fan out from one of my favorite vases (a lovely gift from a great friend).

Oscar Party

I'm not going to comment on the drama (pun intended) --but I would love to share some details of the lovely party I attended Sunday evening (in my PAJAMAS). The hostesses went all out with the Oscar theme and the guests went all out with their contributions of appetizers, sips, and sweets. We met new people and visited with good friends, played games, made predictions, and laughed a lot. It was fantastic!

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