That's Snot Funny!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thanks to something my friend Janelle (ER Doc) and mother of soon-to-be FOUR children, I was able to avoid a trip to the emergency room this afternoon.
Piper got up from her nap complaining that her nose hurt.
Piper: Dare's sumping in dare!
Me: Would you like me to take a look?
P: Yes.
I saw something that looked like it was shiny, way up in her nose. I thought it might be a weird booger. She was complaining that it hurt and feeling on the outside of her nose, I could tell it was hard.
Hmm... ?
Me: Did you put something in your nose?
P: Yes.
Me: What is it?
P: A boo-i-full diamond.
Great. (sigh)

By covering her unobstructed nostril with my finger, I placed my mouth over her mouth and pushed air into her mouth. After a couple tries this wasn't working so I had to go for the more aggressive (and grosser) method.
Keeping my finger over her clear nostril, I placed my mouth over her nose and sucked.
Into my mouth came this clear plastic bead.
Otherwise known as "a boo-i-ful diamond."

Thanks Nelly! The sun is shining and we'd like to get outside to play with our friends instead of spending this boo-i-ful day in the ER.
By the way, Moms who might be reading this, the technique works well on raisins too!


George Barron said...

EW and whew!

Annah said...

Are you serious?!?! LOL.That's grossie but cute a the same time.


Emma said...

EEWWW! poor girl... and poor you !

Please add me :D Maybe you can give me some information that I need :D THANK YOU