Saturday, March 27, 2010

That's Snot Funny!

Thanks to something my friend Janelle (ER Doc) and mother of soon-to-be FOUR children, I was able to avoid a trip to the emergency room this afternoon.
Piper got up from her nap complaining that her nose hurt.
Piper: Dare's sumping in dare!
Me: Would you like me to take a look?
P: Yes.
I saw something that looked like it was shiny, way up in her nose. I thought it might be a weird booger. She was complaining that it hurt and feeling on the outside of her nose, I could tell it was hard.
Hmm... ?
Me: Did you put something in your nose?
P: Yes.
Me: What is it?
P: A boo-i-full diamond.
Great. (sigh)

By covering her unobstructed nostril with my finger, I placed my mouth over her mouth and pushed air into her mouth. After a couple tries this wasn't working so I had to go for the more aggressive (and grosser) method.
Keeping my finger over her clear nostril, I placed my mouth over her nose and sucked.
Into my mouth came this clear plastic bead.
Otherwise known as "a boo-i-ful diamond."

Thanks Nelly! The sun is shining and we'd like to get outside to play with our friends instead of spending this boo-i-ful day in the ER.
By the way, Moms who might be reading this, the technique works well on raisins too!

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  1. Are you serious?!?! LOL.That's grossie but cute a the same time.


  2. EEWWW! poor girl... and poor you !

    Please add me :D Maybe you can give me some information that I need :D THANK YOU