Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Three-year-old Geneva has the flu. She needs a good nap. She's decided it's not in the plan today. Here's our 2pm conversation; she is laying in bed and I'm knelt beside the bed. 

Me: Geneva, you need to have a nap. Especially today because you're a little bit sick.
Geneva: But I'm not sleepy.
Me: If you lay still and close your eyes and your mouth then the medicine will work better.
Geneva: That's not true.
Me: Yes it is.
Geneva: Mom, that is not true.
Me: Yes, honey... it's true. Medicine works better if you have rest too. You can't fall asleep if your singing and playing in your bed. Please close your eyes and your mouth and take a nap.
Geneva: But I'm having a problem with my ankles.
Me: Really? Your ankles are giving you some trouble?
Geneva: Yes. My ankles are rubbing and it's making me feel the throw-ups are coming.
Me: I see. Well, be still and quiet and you might feel better.
Geneva: What are you going to do about my ankles?
Me: I'm not sure. Let's talk about it after your nap.

So, what do I tell her now???

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1 comment :

  1. I am at a loss. No idea what to say about the ankle bit. I would probably just make up some nonsense.
    I am liking her "that's not true" and
    "close your eyes and your mouth"
    the closed mouth part is killing me!
    I can almost even hear you saying it to her.