Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Will... I Will Not...

We leave for our annual trip to Cancun in the morning. I've been having some thoughts and making predictions about our week. I thought I might share.
  • I will miss my kids so very much I will likely cry (at least the first night away).
  • I will not miss picking up toys all day long.
  • I will read at least 3 books.
  • I will not read any books with pictures in them.
  • I will see my friends from around the country and have a great time catching up.
  • I will not want to say goodbye when it's time.
  • I will eat too much and drink too much.
  • I will not skip the gym.
  • I will sleep until I want to get out of bed.
  • I will not miss doing dishes.
  • I will appreciate this alone time with my husband.
  • I will not be wearing any sweaters.
  • I will be working on my tan (through a thick layer of sunscreen).
  • I will not be wiping anyone's nose (other than my own--if needed).
  • I will get that "panicky feeling" that comes sometimes when I am out and about without the kids and think for a moment, "Oh no... did I forget them?"
  • I will not have the desire to extend our trip when Saturday rolls around...
  • I will be SO READY to return to the love, chaos, mess and routine that is my life I love!

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1 comment :

  1. 2
    my money is on 2
    you will see the Cancun gym 2 times
    just count all the rest of your activity as 'workout'
    or it doesn't count as vacay
    have a ton o fun momma