Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"I Think I Want a Dog Instead."

Geneva's school has a tradition of giving away little fish (as pets) on the last day of school. They end their school year with a unit on Ocean Creatures so part of the "Discovery Room" is a tank filled with these tiny tropical fish called Danios. Parents get to decide whether to accept the "gift" or decline. We accepted.
Which meant a trip to the pet store to purchase what we would need. Apparently, Danios do well in filtered water (though they can survive in a bowl). They eat blood worms (mosquito larva) and some other disgusting thing I don't recall (but can survive on tropical fish flakes). We upgraded the environment with a fancy little tank and downgraded the diet to something I could manage: flakes.
Greg took the preparation of the tank on as a "Daddy Project" with Geneva. Of course, Piper needed to get involved too. Everything needed to be cleaned and assembled. 
Geneva had a part in all of it. She was really pleased with the rock gravel she selected at the pet store.
We found a nice place in the kitchen to set up the tank. On Friday we introduced our fish (everyone got a "pair" because Danios do better in pairs) to their environment and Geneva named them. The tank seemed so big for such small fish.
On Saturday they got new names.
On Sunday they got different names.
On Monday there was only one fish in the tank.
No sign of the other fish. The tank is much bigger than the fish--but it's not THAT big! I didn't want to call too much attention to the missing fish. I texted Greg at work...
Hmmm... did one of them eat the other one? Not likely, since there were no 'pieces' of the deceased and I found it terribly unlikely that it could be consumed entirely.
What happened?
Geneva never noticed the absence of the second fish. Or if she did, she hasn't mentioned it.
Monday night (after the girls went to bed) Greg did some more thorough investigation. Mystery solved: the filter sucked the tiny fish up; it was dead inside.
Poor fishy.
I think I'll replace it with a bigger, more colorful fish. Though, Geneva might notice... hmmm good or bad?
No matter. She wasn't all that interested in the fish--considering she "wants a dog instead."

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