Friday, June 12, 2009

Things I Love (Friday)

  • Getting back into the swing of things with my blogging!
  • How much I've accomplished by not blogging so much...
  • Sisters who play cuddling games:
  • The "Girls' Weekend" I had with my good friend Simone. Simone came up from California a couple weeks ago so we could have a couple days "off." It was fabulous! Greg did everything and I got to come and go as I pleased; wake up when I wanted to; be excused from bedtime, bath-time, and meal-time; ignore the house, dishes, laundry (like I don't do that anyway!); and pretty much explore the great places Portland has to offer with my girlfriend. I didn't even have to miss my family because I slept every night in my own bed and kissed and squeezed my husband and girls every day! Bliss.
  • How well Geneva did at her first dentist appointment. Great X-rays, raspberry-flavored teeth cleaning, flossing, dental exam and the best part: NO CAVITIES!
  • Playing golf with my husband and our friends.
  • Anticipating Geneva's first soccer practice (more to come, I'm sure).
  • Avery's first haircut:
  • Thunder storms (yep, we've had a couple).
  • Looking forward to having our friend John (who's in town from CA) over for dinner tonight (but wishing Betsy was coming too).
  • That Piper's cough has miraculously not turned into Croup this time!
  • Progress and Growth (both literally--below... and figuratively):

  • Mint. Delicious. Fun. Great atmosphere. Lovely company.
  • Paper airplanes... more specifically, how entertaining they can be for my 3 year old (who is almost 4!).
  • Organization. Though it truthfully doesn't look like this this morning... it will by tonight!
  • How often I'm hearing Journey played on my satellite radio--and I'm not even listening to an "Early 80's" station. Oddly enjoyable.
  • Playing together:
  • So You Think You Can Dance. This is such a great show... once you get past Crazy Mary (one of the judges). Give it a shot... I mean, is there anything else on right now anyway???
  • The pillow box and stationary set I made by recycling a page from my calendar:
  • All the stuff I've taken the time to make in the past couple weeks.

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