Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been?

Wow. It's been too long since my last update. My apologies.
Here's what we've been up to (in no particular order):
starting preschool
gymnastics (without Momma)
exerting independence
over-reacting to hurt feelings
developing a terrific sense of humor
sleeping in (Momma wakes her up every morning)
making up songs (that go on and on and on)
boycotting naps
surviving a first bee sting
learning how to be a "good sport"
simple writing and reading
speaking Spanish
anticipating the new fall shows
cooking (a little)
crafting (a lot)
enjoying a few hours MWF to herself
experiencing a first "muscle spasm" (ouch)
getting back into the gym
working on his golf handicap
making the most of weekends
enjoying some good news at work
anticipating a golf weekend with Rusty
getting back into the gym
surviving his wife's poor laundry habits
As a family:
gearing up for the rain
enjoying the last of the sunshine
listening to music and dancing
visiting the library
socializing with the neighborhood
having GREAT friends visit from Texas!

Angela and Jamie Bollinger (who both work for the same company as Greg) came to visit us over Labor Day weekend. It was so nice to have a few days to spend together. We typically get to see them just once a year in Cancun. Several months ago, Jamie planned the trip out west to see us here in Oregon. They left their three adorable (!) children at home with Grandma--so next time will be a family get-together.
Angela managed to get her "kid fix" by entertaining my Monkeygirls to the fullest extent. Here they are in the girls' new fort reading Goldilicious (other great gifts included the game, "Tea Party," lipstick, and art supplies).

They arrived on Wednesday and we had a delicious happy hour at Tucci in Lake Oswego with the girls in-tow. Thankfully, the weather was fantastic and we all sat out on the patio. Thursday, we had a babysitter in the morning and the guys played golf and Angela and I went to Northwest 23rd for some light shopping and lunch at Papa Haydn's. Thursday afternoon was all about the girls with a trip to the park and "cheerleading boing-boing's" with Angela (I'm kicking myself for not getting this in video-format!). Thursday night we had a second babysitter (yep!) and I headed to a quick meeting at the girls' new preschool (more on that later) while Greg took our guests to happy hour. They picked me up afterward and we went downtown to the Pearl District for dinner at Andina (just as amazing as ever!). Friday morning we packed the car and played with the girls. The sitter (!) arrived at 10:30 am. We (Jamie, Angela, Greg and I) were on the road by 11; headed to George, Washington (isn't that funny?) to see the Dave Matthews Band perform at the famous Gorge Amphitheater. The 5 hour drive was worth every mile (though I'm sure watching Twilight in the backseat with Angela made the drive a lot more fun for us than for our husbands). We had "premier" camping passes which basically gave us hot running water and soap outside the porta-potties. The venue and the experience were amazing. Here is where we camped:

With our first successful family camping trip under our belts, we investing in a family-sized tent and pitched it for the first time. It's a beauty and I look forward to many trips with the girls in the future. If we were able to fit two queen-sized blow-up mattresses in it, I'm sure we will be comfortable with the Monkeygirls along next time.

Once we set up "camp" it was time to snack, relax, drink, and enjoy an unbelievable sunset before we took on the "hike" to get to the amphitheater.

We had such a fantastic time! We partied and played like we were in college again... until the next morning! Then I felt every moment of my 35.5 years. Ouch.

Saturday was a day of recovery (see comments above), a trip to the Nike Employee Store for Jamie and Angela, Thai takeout at my favorite restaurant these days, and a movie from the couch (Taken--not bad!). The Bollinger's were on their way back to Texas on Sunday morning. We can't wait for our next adventure together!

Sunday was a party in the neighborhood for our friend Scott's 40th birthday: tasty mexican food, delicious margaritas, children entertaining each other, beautiful weather (surprise), good friends... a total success and super great time!

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  1. i've missed your blogging updates! what a FUN trip to the gorge... glad you had a great time!!

  2. ps- tammy, i have been meaning to find you on facebook b/c i wanted to get a recipe from you (the vegetables you made when we came over... do you remember?) anyway, i just tried to find you and couldn't. when you have a chance, find me on fb and that way i can ask you my questions :) i'm 'erin grady oranen' on facebook... thx!!