Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

  • Playing Scrabble on my iPhone against the computer. I don't have to wait more than 3 seconds for it to be MY turn again. Awesome.
  • Listening to Piper "read" a book to herself. Hilarious.
  • Bed-head:
  • Catching up with an "old" friend. Mr. Mater, I miss you!
  • The prospect of having a "Girls' Night" tonight with my neighborhood bookclub. (This month's book does NOT make this list!)
  • My new goldfish stamp:
  • Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan. Yes, I watch the show. Yes, it's embarrassing to admit.
  • This clip from my favorite comedy troupe "Man Stroke Woman."
  • Our first family camping trip to Indian Henry Campground with 3 other families. It was only one night be we had a great time and the girls did great!
  • Eating like this while camping in the woods: grilled New York's, baked potatoes with all the toppings, braised brussel sprouts, creamy horseradish, fire-grilled corn-on-the-cob (not pictured--it was on my second plate), my mom's famous (yep--famous) salad, and a nice plastic wine glass with excellent Cabernet. Yummy!
  • The children's book we just checked out from the library, I Love My Pirate Papa by Laura Leuck. Great illustrations and an entertaining story to boot (Haha... get it? Boot... Nevermind!).
  • This acoustic version of the song I'm currently obsessed with: CLICK THIS. Glasvegas, "Geraldine."
  • Spending a morning at Central Park in Santa Clara with Tasha and Talon. Seriously, having our kids play together is so freakin' fantastic. Miss you Tashie--come visit us!
  • My new phrase: "sUriously" [sic]. Say it in a funny voice with a heavy emphasis on the "ur" sound. It's fun. Really. It's fun.
  • This blog: She's my kinda funny!
And here is something I absolutely ADORE:
  • Meeting the Pearson twins, Taylor and Jakob who came into the world early and have been lighting it up with sunshine and sweetness ever since!

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