Friday, January 1, 2010

Polar Express

We ventured out to Hood River for a magical ride on the Polar Express this year!
The train took off from the station headed for a wintery visit with the big man himself.

All the kids wore pajamas and slippers. "Elf Helpers" roamed the cars to show the children the pages of the story, The Polar Express while it was read aloud over the speaker system.

She might look skeptical in this photo... but she got onboard with the experience in full swing.

Especially once she got her cookies and hot cocoa... or should I say, cookies and cup of whipped cream?

We picked up Santa at the North Pole and he made is rounds through all of the train cars to visit each and every kid.

See what I mean?
Zero skepticism.

We were delighted to share the holiday experience with the Keys Family.
Campbell did not "embrace" the idea of sitting on Santa's lap--but had a great time anyway!

See you next year Santa!
(Ok... so to be honest, it wasn't nearly fun enough to do it again next year... but maybe in 2011?)
(And NO... I could not get that other eye red-free!?!)

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