Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Girls' Bedroom Makeover (A Photo Story)

Mostly, it started from this:
The $20 bed I found on Craigslist (very crappy).
Piper asked me, not long ago, "Why does Geneva have an under the bed but I don't have an under the bed?" 
That's when the guilt of "second child" set in.
They've been sharing a room since January '11. I had been paralyzed with indecision over what I wanted to do to Geneva's "old room" to make it a shared space for both Geneva and Piper. Bunk beds? Loft beds? A new color scheme? 
Finally, Piper's innocent question lead me to seek out an inexpensive "in-between." The least I could do was give her an under the bed.
Post-primer, pre-paint
I knew I wanted to give the entire room a makeover. I'd been over-pinspired and even started a separate "board" for ideas based around their room. You can explore it here, if you're so inclined. 
Before I could paint Piper's bed, I needed to settle on a color scheme. Geneva definitely had her own opinions regarding this point. She chose this for the walls:
"Egg Blue"
THE palette: Aqua Blue, Charcoal Gray, Watermelon-Poppy

However, I get ahead of myself... Care to see any before pictures?
(I could have actually had the girls clean up their room before I snapped the pictures... but it's so much more dramatic this way.)
Piper's new bed has been painted Charcoal at this point.


Disorganized: No storage.

First up (after the paint hit the walls): Paint the furniture.
Charcoal Gray to match Piper's bed

Great Helper

Silver spray paint!
Next up: The light fixture.
Daddy's a great helper!

I love Ikea's prices: $59
I do not love self-assembly.

Richard Parker was willing to help (attack wire wraps). 
Button Monograms and Target Plates
with the Ballerina Wall Art

Updated with spray-painted knobs
and gray card stock.

New storage with a bookcase from the
downstairs closet.

The pillows from Posh Street Pillows on Etsy
(Yes, this photo was taken pre-pillow insert
for the gray chevron striped pillow.) 

Painting from our Guest Bedroom
(spray-painted frame)

Sister Love

Gray buckets from Target $1 bins.
Striped baskets from Target.

Silver with Aqua knobs
Poppy Lamps

Love is in the details.
I loved remaking this room for the girls. It is definitely their space now.
It's so much brighter and more cheerful.

One of the things I most enjoyed was having a heavy hand in the actual painting, crafting, and designing that made this room come together. I ruined my new winter coat (oil-based primer), destroyed all of my fingernails, made countless trips to Lowes, Home Depot, Target, and Michaels, and learned more than anyone needs to know about sanding, primer, and spray paint versus canned paint. It was worth it to have this sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of doing this with them and for them.

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