Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hoppy Easter! The BEST Brunch Spread

We had such a nice holiday. It was a terrific mix of family-time, play, sunshine, friends, decadent food, delicious beverages, and relaxation.
Here's a recap, in photos (mostly).

Baskets and Gear from The Bunny

Ready for the Neighborhood Potluck at the Keys House

My Signature Bloody Marys

Yogurt Parfait Bar 

Strawberry Pancake Skewars

Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries 

Cereal Bar (Huge Jones Girls HIT)


Easter Ham, Deviled Eggs (amazing!), Brisket Quiche,
Poppyseed Bunt Cake

Donut Hole Bouquet 


"Have you seen all these goodies??"

Greg and Geneva

Wardrobe change to accommodate all of her bike racing!
The sunshine was the icing on the cake of our amazing Easter Weekend. Another example of what a great neighborhood we live in and the terrific people we are surrounded by. A special thanks to the Keys Family for opening their home and welcoming the rest of us to absolutely enjoy every corner of it! 
When a brunch starts at 11:30am and you get your cottontail home (two doors down) at 7:00pm... It's safe to say, you had an incredible time.

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