Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Journey in Typography

This is a little house project that I managed to pull together right before our big trip to the Pacific Northwest. I'd been thinking about how to acknowledge and pay tribute to the wonderful places we've lived over the past 15 years, in particular. I found these great typography prints on Etsy and all of a sudden my idea was up and running. (Y'all are aware that the only running I ever to is the figurative type; yes?)

After I saw the typography maps, I knew I wanted white frames. Unfortunately, the maps I ordered did not come in standard photo sizes. Thankfully, they were a standard document size. I knew if I found a diploma or certificate frame it would work beautifully. Obviously, from the pictures below, you can see that for the price I wanted to spend (not much!) I could only find brown frames. But you know me... a little can of spray paint and a dry afternoon were all I needed to achieve my desired "look."
While perusing my choices of frames, I came across this style of a "floating" document within the glass enclosure. Because the white boarder on each map was so crisply defined, I thought the wall color peeking through from behind would add another layer to the overall look without being too busy.
One of the best things about the artist that produced the images is that you can choose to customize your prints in a wide variety of colors. Initially, I had chosen three barfy lighter shades of these general colors. Thankfully, they send electronic proofs of your choices before actually printing. I immediately changed all the colors and I'm so happy with the result. [Note to self: Pastel is NOT your thing.]
California had to be in yellow, Oregon in green, and North Carolina in "Carolina blue." I can't help but wonder what the next state/color might be to add to our collection... Not to suggest that I am anywhere near being able to seriously consider another relocation anytime soon!
From the California map, I love: Golden State, Napa, Wine, Sacramento, Sunshine...
From the Oregon map, I love: Rain, Portland, Tillamook Cheese, Willamette Valley, Sisters, Mt. Hood, No Sales Tax...
From the North Carolina map, I love: Y'all, Asheville, Accents, Charlotte, Great Smokey Mountains, Biscuits...
(Apparently, I'm a fan of food.)
NOTE: I am acutely aware that these prints do not hang in a linearly accurate representation of our lives. The A-Type side of me is really trying to just let it go... The more creative side of my personality won out this time because aesthetically, it really does look best like this. :)

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