Thursday, July 11, 2013

Things I Love About Our Sunriver Annual Trip // 7.11.13

We just wrapped up our 5th annual reunion vacation with our "California Peeps" at Sunriver Resort in Central Oregon. It was the best year yet. I'm devoting this edition of "TILT" to the best loves and moments of that trip. 

• Lining up the kids from oldest to youngest and seeing how much they've grown. They didn't need any help from the parents to get in order this year. 
• The amazing houses we always seem to find that accommodate all 16 of us so comfortably. This years took the cake and we've already booked for next year!
• Goggle-smashed faces from hours at the pool
• The Hibiscus margaritas at Hola! Mexican restaurant 
• Moms' day at Sage Springs Spa
• Collaborative art projects 
• Fort Funnigan 
• Adults only dinner night out 
• Lazy afternoon naps
• Napping, poolside
• Hearing the husbands' college stories for the umpteenth time (honestly, still so funny)
• Leisurely reading
• Friendship 
• Rhythm on the Range night
• Oregon Summer sunshine
• The 100% children-directed and children-produced Annual Talent Show
• Putting the kids to bed and staying up late on the porch sipping, laughing, and debating with some of the best people in our lives
• Fishing the Deschutes for Geneva's birthday celebration
• "Kid Soup" (a bunch of adorable rugrats in a hot tub wearing goggles and acting like it's a swimming pool)
• The faces everyone made (especially my husband and Rusty) after trying tequila-soaked pineapple wedges
• Listening to the kids sing what becomes the theme song for that years trip: Cups, Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone"
• Enjoying communal dinners (always delicious) with this view
• Picking up where we left off
• Spending time with these women
• Stepping out the side door to play tennis with my hubby
• Slumber party-style sleeping
• Riding bikes in groups of 12-16
• Eating like I'm on vacation
Cheers to memory-making, friendship, and the love that grows year after year!

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  2. I'll try it again without the typo's....

    Well you got my attention when I saw the bottle of Rombauer on the table. You'll get Ron's attention when he sees the Pacifico. Man you guys have good taste!