Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 08.29.13

• The first day of school and how excited both girls were to return. How every afternoon this week, they have enthusiastically reported that their day was "AWESOME!"

• Lorde's song, Royals. I can't get enough. We've been listening to it on a loop for weeks and I'm still not sated. I wish I could link it for you here but I'm blogging from my iPhone tonight. So if you haven't had the pleasure yet (unlikely), DO seek it out. You're welcome.

• J.R. Watkins soaps. I used to be a Mrs. Meyers hand soap junkie--but I've made a sudden (and possibly lasting) switch to J.R. Watkins and I'm very pleased. The foaming option is an added delight!

• This Rifle Paper Co. Gold & Floral iPhone case. So yummy looking. I haven't pulled the trigger though (pun intended) because my little monkeygirls are featured on my current case that I'm also still very in love with...

• OMG! Watching E.T. with the girls for the first time over the weekend. Holy moly! They LOVED it and we loved experiencing it with them.

• My supercheap tube of NYC Kissgloss (535 "Jay Walkin' Jam") that I bought in a Wallgreens when I really just needed to get cash back for the nail salon next door that remarkably does not accept credit cards in this day and age. Despite the awful name and $2 price tag, the gloss feels light and smooth without being sticky and the shimmer lasts for hours.

• Anything from Mark and Graham (again, I wish I could link you to the site here). Not only do they have beautifully designed items (I covet a little something from nearly every line they offer), their prices are very reasonable and the quality is nice. The goods make for beautiful gifts as well. Every item comes wrapped in these lovely boxes with thick gray grosgrain ribbon--ready for giving! And who doesnt love all of those monogram options?

• That our local Whole Foods has a huge and gorgeous Salud Cooking School within. They offer all kinds of cooking classes for all levels and I can't wait to take MY first one very soon (any Charlotte friends interested in scheduling a class with me?). They even offer cooking classes for kids! The girls just took a "French Bistro" class over the weekend and they loved it. They made steak, pomme frites, and crime brûlée!

• The fact that I am fortunate enough to be blogging from our hotel room in Charleston tonight at the beginning of our  last hurrah of Summer 2013, trip to Kiawah Island. *happy dancing*

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