Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Exploring | Kiawah Island, South Carolina

We have just had the distinct pleasure of experiencing a gorgeous corner of the country this past weekend. After several days at The Sanctuary Hotel, returning to "our real lives" was a bit of a crash landing back to Earth. 
The weather was amazing. The beach was pristine. The accommodations were luxurious. The service was exceptional. And the time spent with my three most important people was precious and priceless.

We [read: my children] started our adventure by delving into the many delights to be found in our hotel room. Here are the highlights:
1. Robes, slippers, and an umbrella for dressing up like "old people."
2. Shower caps--hysterical in any circumstance.
3. A shuttered "window" that opened between the bathroom and the bedroom--super convenient for climbing through (even though you ended up IN the tub on either the way in or the way out) when you were just too exhausted to walk around and go through the door.
4. A high-powered vanity mirror, equipped with its own BRIGHT light--excellent for examining your pores and freckles at a nearly microscopic range.
5. The wall-mounted telephone IN the WC--perfect for making imaginary calls to housekeeping requesting extra TP and air freshener.
Right?? All of this and we hadn't even left the room yet! 

For me, the highlights were many. 
~Relaxing poolside beside my hubby (+ libations) while our monkeygirls made new friends 
~Leisurely reading 
~Indulgent meals that I did not prepare, did not serve, and did not clean up afterward 
~Powder-soft sand and amazingly warm ocean water 
~New adventures and experiences with the family (ocean seining) 
~Returning to our room to find it completely organized and cleaned (chores in which I took no part) 
~Drinking in the sight of these two, side-by-side and (mostly) in-sync during our beach vacation

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