Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Harry Potter Birthday Party (Part II)

Here are a few overdue details from our Harry Potter Birthday Party.
I bought the glasses on Amazon and then added a little masking tape around the nose piece.
The pens were used in a couple simple games I had the kids play. These are Crayola markers and colored feathers from the craft store. Turning them into "quills" just took a squeeze of hot glue and a stem of black pipe cleaner wrapped around the spot where the feather was attached.
The cupcake toppers were assembled with cocktail picks, scrapbook paper, black pipe cleaners, a little ribbon (for the snitch wings), and toothpicks (for the broom). In hindsight, I messed up the number of quaffle balls (there should be just one red) and the bludgers (there should be 2 black)--so don't make your set like mine.  
You cannot have a Harry Potter party without wands. I was so happy to find mine from a small seller on Etsy. The price was terrific, the quality was great (detail, sturdiness, variety of colors), and the tips were appropriately "dull" for the age of the kids who received them. 
Crafting and assembling the broomstick bags was the next step. The broomsticks are made from 2 lunch-sized brown paper bags and a little ribbon. I used the wands as the broomsticks.
Once standing, the strips of the outer layer "relax" a bit and take on more of the characteristics of a full and bushy broom.
We stuffed our take-away gift broom bags with a pair of glasses, the wand, and a couple of Harry and Ron's favorite wizard treats: Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.
Cheers to your little wizard!
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