Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting Crafty | A Birthday Terrarium for Daddy

The little Jonesies decided that for his birthday, they wanted to make their dad a terrarium for his office. Terrariums are all the rage these days so I thought it would be no problem gathering the supplies we needed to put something together. In fact, I assumed I could find an easy kit that contained all the essential "ingredients." HA!
After finding the BEST online tutorials (there are 7 in this thorough series), I knew what we needed; the trick was in finding all the necessary elements. I had a little driving around to do. The gravel and charcoal were acquired from the pet store (fish department). The jar, pebbles, and rocks came from Michaels craft store. The moisture loving, compatible micro-plants came from the nursery. I found (way too much of) the horticultural fabric at Home Depot. And to avoid having to purchase a huge bag, the small amount of potting soil needed was gifted from our gardener neighbor, Miss Amy.
 I'm not going to go through all the steps because I know I won't do a better job than you can find over at the tutorials. But here is our process in pictures. The girls were very involved and we had a lot of fun getting our hands dirty for daddy.
He LOVED it!
We were sad to see it leave the kitchen table and have immediate plans to make another (with all our leftover supplies) to keep at home.

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