Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things I Love Thursday // 4.10.13

  • Spring ~ It's blooming all over the yard. Back in December we landscaped the front flower beds and the beds at the sides of the house. Of course back then, most everything was dormant. Now our big hornbeams are waking up for the season and there are buds all over the hydrangeas. The little red maple has popped and things are sprouting up all over. I look forward to showing you how it's all come together. [Updated: Landscape Post]
  • The "Waterlogue" app I recently installed on my iPhone ~ I'm addicted. I've been playing around with this for days now and I LOVE it.  
  • These Blayne sandals from Banana Republic that I have not managed to talk myself into yet 
  • Rosy soccer cheeks 
  • This article, "30 Totally Rotten Things Parents Do That Are Ruining Their Kids' Lives" is great for a giggle.
  • My new Target Lakitia sandals in gold ~ Which were easy to talk myself into because of the great price tag. These go with everything and they are really comfortable. The soles are thin so I wouldn't recommend them for long walks but for errands, a backyard bbq, or lunch out with girlfriends, they're great! 
  • NARS tinted moisturizer ~ This has been my go-to base for a few months now. I love that it's light, I've found a tone (St. Moritz) that matches my own skin tone really well (kind of yellowy), and the SPF is decent too. 
  • The girls' "made with nature" art installments that I randomly find throughout our yard 
  • The absurdity of the Guess "sexy overall" campaign ~ Really?! I don't get it. However, I love it because whenever I happen upon one of these "sexy overall" images I get a great big chuckle--and who doesn't love a good laugh? 
  • Playing QuizUp ~ But I haven't yet figured out how to play against people I know. Any help here? What are your favorite categories?
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