Thursday, June 19, 2014

Things I Love Thursday // 6.19.14

  • "Debriefing" with Geneva after she finished the Epilogue to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the final installment of the Harry Potter series) ~ Such a delight for me to share this amazing story with her and to have the tale come full-circle. 
  • The brilliant idea (Thank you to our friend Kevin Ryan) of paying the girls a nickel for every weed they pulled out of the lawn by the root ~ Not only were they delightfully entertained for 30 minutes this morning, our lawns are now fairly weed-free and it cost me about $3.50/each--which was promptly applied to the lost library book fee and the Kindle edition of another book. Win-win. 
  • Our spontaneous trip to the bowling alley ~ I had to have my car serviced this week. It only took about an hour but the heat was already stifling at 10am and the yogurt shop next door did not open until 11am. We wandered further down the muggy sidewalk to the neighborhood bowling alley (that opened at 9am!) and enjoyed a quick game. Geneva cleaned our clocks and Piper out-bowled me by ONE pin. I could go on and on about the unfair advantage gutter bumpers may have played in the overall performance of the Jones Girls--but I refrain. 
  • Va da Vie, the new gelato shop that recently opened in the 'hood ~ WOWZA! This stuff is absolutely delightful: all natural, locally sourced, exceptionally flavorful… It takes every bit of my willpower to not visit daily. If you're in the area you must try their Bacio (milk chocolate + hazelnut) pronounced, "Bah-ChO". It's outrageous. 
  • Putting an old CD player (with speakers) in the girls' bedroom ~ … and then selecting their access to CD's {wink}. There mayn't be anything more delightful than overhearing the sound of your littles rocking out to James Taylor (Greatest Hits), Michael Jackson (Thriller), Hits of the 80's (featuring Madonna, Run DMC, The Go-Go's, and Tone Loc), DMB (Crash), and most recently the audio CD series for the book, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. 
  • Watching the girls perform a choreographed routine to their new favorite song, Fire and Rain (James Taylor) which includes a dresser-top interlude (as in: dancing ON TOP OF the dresser)
  • These fantastic beach towels (available now at OKL
  • The fact that So You Think You Can Dance is back for another season ~ This is one of the few primetime shows I can enjoy watching with the girls (+ The Voice). The display of athleticism, strength, artistry, and exceptional TALENT featured on SYTYCD is healthy and breathtaking. 
  • Taking an art class (sip and paint) with local artist Heidi Kirschner ~ This class differed from the "sip and paint" art classes I've enjoyed in the past on several levels: 1. The instructor is a well-loved, successful Charlotte artist; 2. We used oil paints; 3. The wine and delicious food were provided by the studio (the artist's hubby made the scrumptious fish tacos); and 4. I might actually HANG my creation in my home. (Reveal coming shortly.) She offers "Tipsy Canvas" classes twice/monthly. I encourage you to check it out! 
  • Lazy summer mornings ~ There is not a lot I find more delightful than rolling out of bed whenever it suits you. Don't be too shocked; since having children, it is a RARE occasion that I can sleep past 8:30am… But these days, 8:30am is becoming delightfully more commonplace. 
  • Homemade strawberry jam ~ Honestly. Does it get any better? (Thank you, Miss Sarah!)
  • Overhearing my West Coast girl say to her sister, "I reckon he was really scared" ~ I could elaborate on the context--but really, what does it matter?! Priceless.
  • The easy friendship of these lovely ladies ~ Sadly (SO devastatingly sadly) one of them is moving back to her hometown next week. I know from experience that quick and effortless friendships are few-and-far-between. I am both happy--for my dear friend, Carmen, and pitifully sad--for myself--to lose her (and her amazing family) after such a short time. Cheers to your next adventure! (I still suck at selflies.)
  • Teaching Piper how to dive ~ One of my fondest memories of summertime and my golden-sun-kissed mother was her teaching me how to dive: springing forward, legs together, toes pointed, no splash… Geneva mastered it last year and now I've enjoyed passing the experience to Piper. :)
  • Anthropologie's Summer Tag Sale ~ Where I picked up this, this, and this today… 
  • Easy Summer Thursdays at the pool ~ Where the pizza is $2/slice (which means dinner is cheap, easy, and fun when Mr. Jones is traveling)! 

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