Thursday, June 5, 2014

Things I Love Thursday // 6.5.14

  • Her ~ We finally got around to watching this film over the weekend. It was deliciously uncomfortable and very thought-provoking. Joaquin Phoenix's performance was incredible. Have you seen it? What did you think?
  • THIS spoof of Her ~ Hysterical.
  • Sipping prosecco at the neighbor's house during an impromptu "We Know Your Hubby is Out of Town Tonight--Come on Over with the Kiddos for Dinner" kind of Sunday evening 
  • Watching Pipes run around with all of her friends ~ Because I'm lucky enough to stay home with the kids during this time, I try to relish in the moments that I have the fortune to glimpse. Soon after we moved across the country last year, I was able to volunteer for Geneva's "First Grade End of Year Party" at the park across the street from their school. This year, I volunteered in the same capacity for Piper's class. I marvel at their enthusiasm, joyfulness, and unharnessed zeal. Seven is a magical year. 
  • These wooden jewelry stands from The Foundrie on Etsy ~ I'm sure some of my bobbles would be lovely hanging from these branches when they're not hanging from my wrists. 
  • The anticipation of giving Geneva Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tomorrow ~ I've held out for many months because the story is quite dark in some places and I thought a little mature for an 8YO. However, she's read a ton of other material since finishing books 1-6 and I think she can handle this last and brilliant part of the story. Tomorrow is special because it marks the start of the girls' SPARK (Summer Program for Arithmetic, Reading, and Knowledge) program at school. I want her to have something she can dive right into! 
  • Hydrangea blossoms 
  • A Letter to My Boys ~ Written by Renee Robinson for her three young boys, this letter is universal and such a terrific reminder of the importance of being "present" and learning to be content in our own skin.   It really struck a chord with me and I hope you take a few minutes to read it yourself.
  • Kitchen progress ~ Slowly, but surely… It's all coming together. Here's a peek. 
  • Reading Little Women to the girls ~ Some time ago, we fell out of the habit of me reading to them at bedtime. We are finally back on track and the three of us are loving our latest story so far. The story is great in itself, but also useful in talking about all of the wonderful ways things have changed for girls over the years. 

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