Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things I Love Thursday // 9.18.14

  • My new bike ~ I enjoyed my first Electra cruiser for over 16 years. Now that the girls can ride faster and longer… I needed to update my wheels. I couldn't give up the cruiser style and after riding several, decided on the Electra Townie. I got a lighter frame + 7 gears without losing my super-comfortable saddle and super-handy baskets! 
  • The song Stolen Dance by Milky Chance ~ With those amazing eyebrows, I can almost forgive him for the awful mustache. ;)
  • Kakor Havreflarn cookies from Ikea ~ I made the happy "mistake" of picking these up last time I was in Ikea. They are incredibly light and crispy. Unfortunately, I can't eat fewer than 6 at a time!
  • Our big planters that flank the back porch ~ They have more than doubled in size since I planted them in early August. Sadly, we lost a few limbs the other day in a heavy rainstorm. More sadly, I'm told that these will die with the first frost… However, I've made up my mind to set aside the sadness so that I can absolutely enjoy them for as long as they last. 
  • The Summit Room ~ A new restaurant that opened down the way from our house. It's more of a bar scene than a restaurant--but the food is terrific, the signature drinks are delicious, and the atmosphere is very fun. ON TOP OF THAT, they serve Rombauer Chardonnay by the glass! They even have a chalkboard at the bar that keeps track of when customers buy future drinks for their friends. I'd highly recommend the Braised Brussels Sprouts, Deviled Eggs, Farro Risotto, and Tomato Stack--pretty much, all the things I've had an opportunity to taste.
  • How much the girls are enjoying their music lessons ~ I know it's just the beginning and things will likely change… but for now, Geneva loves practicing on her flute and Piper strums her guitar every day. :)
  • The Italian Salad from True Crafted Pizza ~ Wow! This salad has everything I love. Sprinkle the house made pesto on top and you'll really knock it out of the park. I would love to eat this everyday. Good thing, the restaurant is 20 minutes away from my house. 
  • The neighborhood "Naked Runner" ~ I'm even giggling a little while I type this. There is a phenomenal athlete who regularly runs on some of the busier streets around here. Sometimes she runs in a flesh-colored tank top. It's so great. It's great because I always do a double-take and I always smile. I've mentioned this particular runner (in this particular outfit) to a couple other neighbors. It turns out, I'm not the only one who has been delightfully entertained.
  • Being the "Mystery Reader" in Piper's class this week ~ The Mystery Reader gets to surprise the children. They know someone is coming--but they don't know who. I always feel like a rockstar when I go to the girls' school because (so far) they are over-the-moon to see me and almost tackle me with their enthusiasm. It was a special treat to follow that up this week with a few of my favorite stories for Piper and all of her friends. I chose Bread and Jam for Francis, Alice the Fairy, and my all-time favorite, The Seven Silly Eaters. Good times.

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