Thursday, September 4, 2014

Things I Love Thursday // 9.4.14

  • Finally getting around to writing this long-overdue post
  • When my girls spontaneously demonstrate their affection for one another 
  • Making progress in the girls' bedroom (done and posted here) ~ The girls went to sleep-away camp for the first time this year and I busied myself in their absence by undertaking 3 big projects that had been looming over me for FAR too long: 1) Organizing/decorating their room, 2) Finishing the wall of family photos upstairs, and 3) Planting the huge pots that have been sitting empty on the back porch (pics coming).
  • Finishing the gallery wall of black and white photos in our upper landing/hallway ~ This "chore" has been on my list since we moved in 18 months ago! I knew what I wanted but I had a hard time finding just the right frames and then narrowing the photos down to just 10. Once that was done, I stalled on the actual nail-pounding because I was so intimidated by the task of lining everything up just right. (Our walls are plaster and unforgiving!) I have a few more "touches" to finish the landing before I show you the whole space. 
  • The HGTV show, Fixer Upper ~ Husband and wife team, Chip and Joanna, are so fun to watch. I love their banter, humor, and obvious love for one another. On top of all of that, they are quite talented! I always look forward to seeing what they create--especially because I LOVE "Jojo's" style.
  • The new Facebook trend of "Gratitude Status Updates" ~ These are fantastic. I really enjoy reading about all of things that people are grateful for. They are usually simple, heartfelt, and so honest. They're like daily mini-TILTs! 
  • Shopping with my husband (he is really quite good at it!) ~ While the girls were with friends last weekend, we hit the new outlet mall in town for some Labor Day savin' and had much success. This Ann Taylor dress was a particularly lovely find (It is SO cozy!) and I can't wait to pair it with boots this fall. I also found this to giddy-up in once the weather turns cooler. 
  • Rose on a hot day (or any other day for that matter) 
  • The tiny porch garden we planted a few weeks ago ~ The girls and I each have a 6" x 24" planter. We visited the hardware store and carefully chose our seeds. It took no time at all to get them into the soil. My planter has 2 kinds of basil and some micro greens; G choose three types of flowers; P picked one kind of flower and a packet of "lettuces." It was so fun to watch all the shoots come up. We have already enjoyed some of my micro greens (on crackers with soft cheese). The basil is coming along nicely. Unfortunately, the squirrels climbed up our table and feasted on P's lettuces before we had a chance to harvest any. In any event, the other stuff is still going strong and it was a quick and fun project to do with the kids.
  • My Pilates class ~ Not only is it GREAT to be back on the reformer regularly, I couldn't love spending time with this group of women any more. We laugh, chat, sweat, and encourage one another through the entire hour. AND our fabulous instructor always ends our time with an indulgent little shoulder massage! Talk about the cherry on top!
  • Having the first two weeks of a great new school year under our belts 
  • Sampling Brook's famous burgers "All the Way" for the first time ~ There really is no justice in trying to describe this unique outing. Let me just say that I am already planning my return. 
  • Grapefruit La Croix ~ Clean, refreshing, and guilt-free. I cannot get enough of this beverage!
  • Piper getting into the Harry Potter series ~ She turned a corner and picked up The Sorcerer's Stone a few weeks ago (at Greg's suggestion) and she has plowed through that and half of The Chamber of Secrets so far. Yahoo! It's a houseful of avid readers (and so quiet around here sometimes). 
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