Thursday, August 15, 2019

Things I Love Thursday // 8.15.19

  • Big Brown Pants - ;) I read about these cropped, wide-legged pants on Emily Henderson's blog and decided to give them a try. As you know, I will try just about anything from Target, and their Who What Wear line is one of my favorites. These pants are pretty cool, people. I love the white stitching, the oversized pockets, and the high waist. The crop falls just above my ankle. (Which is fine and due to my being 5'6" --but not quite AS flattering as what appears on the model. Obvi.) Forever between sizes and on account of my generous behind, I ordered an 8 and a 10. The 8s fit perfectly; however, they are 100% cotton and I would love to be able to toss them in the dryer. If the 8s shrink at all, they won't be as "everyday comfortable" as I want them to be (as I imagine wearing them constantly this fall). I'm leaning toward returning the 8s and being carefree about the drying of the 10s. (Reviews on the site say they run a tad small.)
  • Instagram Account @haleydrewthis - Haley Weaver and her thoughtful illustrations were introduced to me at a mother/daughter conference I attended with G a few years ago. Haley's illustrations are insightful, authentic, and refreshing. It's a lovely surprise to come across a new post and a simple way to give yourself an inspirational treat as you scroll through your feed.
  • Michelle in the Middle - I just mentioned a mother/daughter conference in the previous love item. I had the pleasure of attending the conference ("Right in the Middle") with each of my girls as they were approaching middle school. Michelle Icard is a writer, speaker, educator and author of Middle School Makeover (get it). She publishes insightful articles, has had multiple appearances on our local show, Charlotte Talks and on The TODAY Show, offers summer camp programs for girls and boys rising through middle school, and has created and carefully moderates an amazing resource on Facebook for parents across the country. Less Stressed Middle School Parents is a page/group that primarily offers support to its participants. With over 5000 members who share concerns, ideas, advice, and experiences, I would readily argue that there's something useful for every one of us hoping to do this parenting thing with intention. 
  • Bangs? - Ugh. (Wasn't even on the list until I just saw this side-by-side.) Truth is, I only love them when they're "done" --which adds more work --especially when it's this HUMID. (Good grief, Charlotte!) Ok... holding that thought and moving on.
  • Thoughtfulness - My girlfriend texted me the other day, "Hey, I'm going to Costco. Can I pick anything up for you?" I'm not ill. I'm not swamped. I'm not running up against a deadline. I'm not recovering from surgery. She just wanted to save me the trip. It was such a simple gesture and so appreciated. Do something thoughtful for someone today. Make it a habit.
  • Little Bee's Cheesecakes - Brittany used to be the office manager at my chiropractor's office. She recently left her desk job to focus more fully on her passion: making cheesecakes. She launched her business from Instagram (@littebeescheesecakes) where you can drool over her latest creations. Not only are her cheesecakes absolutely delicious, they are stunning and affordable too. Unfortunately, you have to live in/near the Charlotte area to get your hands on one. If you're reading from afar, come on out for a visit --I'd love to have an excuse to order one for us. :)
  • Yogurt - Greek Gods Yogurt is a favorite breakfast or even dessert offering around here. We love the Honey flavor best. It is a bit on the indulgent-side in terms of calories, carbs, and sugar... but you've got to live sometimes, people. With a little fresh fruit, some granola for texture, and a drizzle of honey, you've got yourself a simple, beautiful, DELICIOUS treat!
  • Fresh Figs - See above. Wow. I wish I had a fig tree. I love them plain, in yogurt, wrapped in prosciutto, on a pizza, as a jam, with my cheese... What am I missing?? 
  • Thoughtfulness (Again, because there's no such thing as too much.) - Hold the presses! I'm adding another remark about thoughtfulness this morning before I publish this post. I was just greeted by a little surprise on my doorstep that has me reveling in the kindness and consideration of friends. Stemming (pun intended) from a remark I made the other day, my plant-loving (and ├╝ber talented) friend Laura (of @city.stems), just gifted me this overly-complementary (just ask my grumpy Caladium) and very cool mug. For no reason except to bring me a little joy. How lovely. Be a joy-giver today and comment below about how you're accomplishing the challenge. 

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  1. A. Busting out laughing thinking of how those pants would look on me! (And now you can too)
    B. How do I order a Little Bees Cheesecake
    C. Go with the bangs in October they look great!

    1. A. Not even hemmed?
      B. Follow her on Instagram. You can DM her there or she lists her cell number for texting. You had the Lemon cheesecake at my birthday lunch. :)
      C. Considering it. Seriously.