Thursday, August 8, 2019

Things I Love Thursday // 8.8.19

  • Floral Dress - This comfortable and flattering dress is from Amazon. It's less than $30. There are tons of prints to choose from. I wore it with a slip and paired it with heeled sandals. There is some bra exposure under the arms --but not too bad, IMO. I tied the attached belt in the back, rather than what is modeled in the link. I wish the belt were detachable, as a straw belt or wide brown leather belt would look great too. (I may just bust out the seam ripper and remove it.) I usually wear a 6/8 in dresses. I ordered this in a Small and it fits great. At ankle-length, it is on the long side (I'm 5'6"). The slit is not too high. Some pics on Amazon look like there are pockets --my dress has no pockets. It's a dress that is easy to wear and looks like you put in a lot of effort when you actually didn't. The v-neck is not too deep. I'm sorry this is the only picture I have with me in it and my bag is blocking almost the whole thing! LOL 
  • Puzzles - I love working on puzzles. If you can't remember the last time you sat down to a puzzle, do yourself a favor and bust one out. I find them to be very relaxing (especially with a glass of wine). They can be fun to do with the family and if you set up on a card table or side table, you can come and go --working on it over the course of several days. We find that a puzzle is great to take on family beach or mountain vacations and I usually have one out over our holiday breaks. These days, there are some really great looking designs available (like the one below with gold leaf accents). My friend Anne and I even trade and pass along our puzzles after we've completed them. 
  • Hand Lotion - Y'all! (I wrote that because I found this next favorite while visiting friends in Alabama a few weeks ago and I think I'm really funny.) I love the smell of gardenias. If you do not, please feel free to skip ahead. We were in a little gift shop full of lovely treasures and trinkets and I'm so happy that I didn't miss this small jar of hand cream. It's from Boll Weevil Soap Company and the scent is "Summer Gardenia." The cream itself is silky and nice but for me, this product is all about the way it smells. The photo below shows how much I use for one application to (the back of) my hands and the fragrance lasts forever! (Also, it does not clash with the body whip I posted about last week. Bonus.) As I've mentioned, I do not care for lotion on my hands; however, I love this so much that I use it at least twice a day. I put the cream on the back side of my hand and and then rub the backs of my hands together. Am I crazy? Maybe --but I smell great and my hands don't feel lotiony (which is definitely a real word). If you're interested in getting your hands in some, call Chad Wester at 334-393-SOAP because the Gardenia isn't kept in-stock online but is available in their store and they will ship you some. They have tons of other scents and products. If you discover something different that you LOVE, please let me know by commenting below.
  • Pineapple Necklace - I would not describe myself as any kind of "pineapple-loving person" (the fruit is quite nice --but I'm referring to decor/accessories). However, when my friend, Simone (who happens to be pictured with me above in the Amazon dress), and I came across these lovely little keepsake necklaces in Charleston during her last visit out from California, they turned out to be perfect little keepsakes to remember our time together near the beach. We each bought one for the other. Each of the "Sea La Vie" necklaces are packaged sweetly with a little saying inside the box. The sentiment with this pineapple design reads, "You basically have to be my friend forever because you know too much! Wear this necklace and know that if I had to share my last piƱa colada with someone, I'd pick you every time." There are great little messages to share between friends or mothers/daughters that speak to encouragement, gratitude, and attitude. The company that produces them, Spartina 449, has a storefront in Charleston that we spent a good amount of time inside (the air-conditioning was enjoyed as well). In addition to this line of delicate necklaces, we found lots of things to love while shopping around, like this, and these, and this too. 
  • Banana Bread - The Chiquita Banana Bread Mix is the best I've ever come across. Obviously, from-scratch would be best. However, since trying this boxed mix, I have not returned to purely homemade. This one just tastes too good and is too effortless to abandon. The recipe calls for 2 over-ripe bananas (or as my friend, Miffy, would say in her amazing Australian accent, "grumpy bananas"), water, and an egg. I found it years ago in the neighborhood grocery store but since then, have only been able to find it through Amazon (where I buy 3 at a time). It's always a hit around here.
  • Cheerful Sneakers - I found these Soludos sneakers (for Geneva on her birthday) --or should I say, they found me? --I'm pretty sure an ad for them popped up in my Instagram feed and that's how they got on my radar. I looked carefully at the reviews and decided to pull the trigger. I couldn't be happier that I did (and more importantly, neither could she). They are so well-made! The leather is soft and pliable. The stitching is beautiful and vibrant. The only downside is that they might be a little delicate for any real wear-and-tear. For example, I've mentioned to her that if she were to sit on the sidewalk criss-cross-applesauce, she would surely scuff, dirty, or even pull some of the threads along the resting side of the shoe. Sizing is very true; however, if you're slightly between sizes, I would go up. She wears a 7.5-8 (just like me YAY!) and the 8s are just right with a thin "no-show" sock. 

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