Thursday, October 24, 2019

Things I Love Thursday // 10.24.19

  • Sunglasses - I have been INFLUENCED. My friend Miranda has posted about these sunglasses and I finally checked them out. (If you enjoy a good giggle, please follow Miranda on Instagram and do check out her STORIES --always a Thing I Love.) Anyhoo... back to the shades: These SOJOS Fashion Round Sunglasses for Women are big fun (literally). Not only that, they are well-made and only $14. The frames come in black, tortoise shell, clear (with mirrored lens), black marble, and green. I ordered green and I'm so happy I did! They are a dark forrest green and look almost black (photo below) unless you're in bright light or sunshine. For some reason, the green pair are not listed with the other choices in the link above --but you can find the green frames with this link. They fit really well despite being an over-sized style. I usually have some trouble keeping my sunglasses from sliding down my nose. These are comfortable and stay put. 

    '74! It was a good year!

  • Stainiac - Discovered this gem a loooong time ago and only just rediscovered it a couple weeks back. Stainiac from theBalm is a simple little workhorse for your cosmetic bag. Just a tiny dab or two of this bright pink potion rubbed into the apples of my cheeks help make me appear more fresh-faced and healthy. Then a swipe across each lip to give some natural-looking color that doesn't look like I'm wearing any lipstick (and it lasts for hours). Do start with a small amount and play with it to get the look right. It's easy to over-do it with this stuff and you don't want to end up looking like Raggedy Ann. 

  • Frilly Skirt - Ready for a giggle? This playful little number is called the "Arjungo Women's Floral High Waist Ruffle Flaired Boho A-Line Pleated Skater Mini Skirt" on Amazon. Honestly. That's bananas. Despite the ridiculous name, this skirt is a winner! It came onto my radar because of someone else's post and I'm so sorry I can't remember who highlighted it... but I'm so happy she did. This $18 skirt is quickly becoming a staple. I ordered a small because of the elastic waistband and was a little worried that it might be too short; however, even sitting at the narrowest part of my waist, the hem hits just a few inches above my knee. Perfect. (Again, I'm 5'6" and typically wear an 8 in pants or a 6 in dresses/skirts --as long as they are A-Line.) I've worn this skirt with a little white t-shirt (tucked, white tennies), a button-down henley (untucked, sleeves rolled and scoonched --it's definitely a real word, tan booties), and with a cozy crew-style sweater (next favorite thing mentioned below, white tennies). If you order this, plan on wearing it with a slip. It comes in 17 different colors/patterns and I have my eye on the Caramel color next.

  • Cozy Crew-Style Sweater - This versatile number is from H&M. It's $30 and I chose "Beige Melange" (pictured below on the model and above on me). Follow this link to see the other colors available. I'm loving the Yellow but I tend to have a hard time pulling off that color (I'm convinced that it washes me out in the face and makes me look a little ill.) The sweater is soft and warm. I love the neckline. I ordered a Medium. 

  • Tasty Bite Pouches - You guys. These are so easy. They're so delicious. Tasty Bite makes Indian food so accessible and is our go-to side dish several days a week. My favorite quick dinner is shredded rotisserie chicken, rice, a side or two of Tasty Bite, and a little naan (don't bother baking your naan, just cut it into quarters and toast it in the toaster). This is dinner served in literally 4-5 minutes. They are "saucier" than the packaging might suggest so plan to "sop up" the liquid with rice, naan, or just scoop with a spoon. Odds are, you can find these pouches at your local grocery store in the International aisle. (Our selection is pictured below and the selection I typically keep in the pantry is pictured below that.) If you can't find them at the grocery store, then look for them at Target, Walmart, or order them from Amazon. An excellent and mild choice to start with would be Madras Lentils or Jodhpur Lentils. These are mild in terms of spiciness. Our family loves Coconut Vegetables and Vindaloo which are on the spicier side. Look at the pouches, they'll indicate the heat level. Please try these. Even just warmed up (in the microwave for 60-90 seconds) and served in a bowl, these simple dishes are full of flavor and so satisfying. 

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