Thursday, October 17, 2019

Things I Love Thursday // 10.17.19

  • This moment - On the back porch on a late Sunday afternoon, listening to the rain, enjoying a book, sipping wine, in my cozies, with a lap full of Geneva. Bliss. (And totally wearing the Athleta sweatshirt AGAIN... Also wearing some new leggings from Zyia that I'll test a few more times in my workouts before deciding if I'll recommend them here. So far, they're excellent for lounging!)

  • Date Night at Dogwood - Located in Sharon Square by Southpark Mall, this is one of our favorite spots to end the evening (or spend all evening) when we have a date night. I have enjoyed dinner in the restaurant a few times and lunch on the patio once --but nothing comes close to bellying up to the bar and letting Bryan Lorusso make you a cocktail (or many) designed to delight specifically YOU and based on your preferences. You might consider taking an Uber or taxi --I'm confident you'll want to sample several creations.

  • St. Anne Tote - I got this Barrington bag (first photo) at Christmastime in 2016 and blogged about it before. Now, almost 3 years later, I continue to use it OFTEN. (I added the tassel from Noonday Collection. No longer available but similar here and here.) It has held up so well. It looks like fur but it's not. The print is vinyl and the straps and bottom are leather. This bag is a workhorse. I take it on every trip because it's a great carry-on that I can fit tons inside: magazine, kindle, light sweater, beverage --in addition to all of my regular purse items. I have been tempted in the past 3 years to order another. There are so many variations on the website and you can customize and create the exact style you like. This new print (second photo) has me so tempted but I haven't seen it in person yet so... still undecided. I like that it's similar to what I already have but not the same. Would be a great option for you if you've been thinking of getting "The Bambi" but haven't pulled the trigger. What do you think?

  • The sound of a candle with a wood wick - Have you ever burned a candle with a wood wick? I only recently found out this is a thing. (Am I totally late to this party?) I have to say, I find the gentle crackling noise really suits the cooler weather we've been enjoying. It's literally adding another layer or texture to the enjoyment of a lit candle: scent, warm glow, and a natural sound effect too! Bonus. I made mine at The Candle Bar in Charlotte but you can find wood-wicked candles almost anywhere (again, late to this party) so choose your scent and let me know what you think. Amazon, Target, Walmart 

  • Merida Flounced Midi Skirt - This skirt from Anthropologie is just right to transition into fall. I love the colors and the print. The camel/beige and wine colors against the navy background are perfect and I love the birds. (It's also available in a black, textured, "window-pane" fabric that looks cool.) The skirt is lined and moves well. I think it's feminine and flattering. You could dress it up with a blouse and heels or dress it down with a chunky sweater and booties or boots. I think it would even be great with a white T and sandals, come spring. I happened upon it in the mall --giving me the advantage of trying it on before purchasing which is good because it does not have an adjustable waist. I found the skirt to be "true to size." As I've mentioned before, I'm 5'6" and 140ish. I typically wear an 8 in pants but can size up or (much less often) down depending on the fit and maker (sorry that's not super helpful). I have a smaller waist and generous hips. In A-line dresses and skirts, I'm usually a 6 (because "Pencil" or slim-fitting is not my jam). I bought the 6 in this skirt and it fits great. Check out the reviews at the link to see what others had to say about the fit. And BEST: it's on sale for $80 and they're offering 25% off that price ("for a limited time") bringing it down to $60! As of today, they have it in sizes 2-14.

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  1. I love a wood wick. I actually found a package of them at Michaels and have used them to rehabilitate some candles whose wicks broke or became too short. Love that crackle!

  2. I love the skirt, Tam! I always prefer skirts past the knees and this is right up my alley.