Thursday, November 14, 2019

Things I Love Thursday // 11.14.19

  • This Felted Wool Garland - I just found this today at Trader Joe's and had to sneak it into the post! I'm a huge fan of felted wool (as long as it's not touching my skin and making me itch). I love the colors in this garland and can easily imagine it making any space feel more festive this holiday season. The 9 foot strands are 100% New Zealand Wool and hand-felted in Nepal and sell for just $9 each. (They also had adorable trivets for $5/each! --A fun hostess gift this season?) As soon as I got home, I draped a garland on my plant table in the dining room and another over the mantle in the living room. They would be great in your tree too! Plus, I feel like having them out before Thanksgiving is not a "no-no" (even for those who feel strongly about the holidays taking their turn in line). Anyhoo... I found mine at The Metropolitan location and I hope you have an easy time picking some up for yourself!

  • THE Amazon Coat - I managed to not order this coat last year when everyone and their brother were blogging about it --but recently decided that I still really loved the way it looked and for the price, would be worth checking out. I find this coat to be worth the hype. Despite (a very few) of the reviews, the coat I received is well-made and without flaws. I ordered it in Beige and couldn't be happier with my choice. Some have suggested that because of its bulkiness, you ought to size down. For that reason, I ordered one in a Medium (my typical size) and one in a Small. Because of the breadth over the shoulders and length of sleeves, the Medium was just right for me. It is definitely a bulky coat --I have to take it off when I'm driving because it fills up the front seat! The length is very flattering and I love the black zippers and ribbon details. The coat is so cute in person that my Pilates Besties each ordered their own when I wore it to class earlier this week (both selected Red --so cute)! 

  • Chai Tea - The actual teabag kind that comes decaffeinated so that I can enjoy sipping it all late-afternoon and into the evening after my coffee allotment has been met. Twinings makes my favorite and I always splash a little creamer in to make it even more indulgent. It smells and tastes like the season and is delightful.

  • Soup - It's Soup Season, yahoo! This Italian Sausage & Spinach Soup from Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer publication (circa 2010) is a go-to around here. It is so easy and packed with flavor. Many times, I have substituted readily-available Johnsonville Sweet Italian sausage, Swanson's (or some other) chicken broth, and/or whatever canned, diced tomatoes I have on-hand. We prefer subbing the brown rice, as it hold up better for leftovers --but that will increase the cooking time. The result is always delicious! Remember to buy some parmesan for garnish and a loaf of crusty bread to serve on the side!

  • My Foxy Slippers - My friend, Sara, gave me these delightful foxes on my birthday last year and I absolutely love them! They are perfect for chilly evenings and frigid mornings on our hardwood floors. What I especially appreciate about them is how cozy they are tucked up under a blanket with me on the couch. With my other slippers, I feel like I have to kick them off before bringing them onto the furniture and these are not like that because of the sock-like softness and pliability. Amazon offers lots of critters (the piggies are very sweet). They would make a great gift for yourself or someone else on your list this year!

  • This Kitty - Speaking of cozy critters... In addition to "Soup Season" it is also Richard Parker in His Hut Season. I love it. He's happy to be warm and I'm happy that he's not shedding all over the navy-upholstered chairs. Win-win.

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