Thursday, November 21, 2019

Things I Love Thursday // 11.21.19

  • Anticipating the arrival of family for Thanksgiving - We are so excited to have Greg's sister and her family and Greg's mom coming to visit for Thanksgiving next week! Obviously, I can't wait to catch up with Jessica, Justin, and Grandma Lulu. That being said, and with full transparency, I am over the moon to have our 2YO nephew here for a few days! He is so delicious. Speaking of delicious, I plan to make this Eggs Benedict Breakfast Casserole on Wednesday afternoon and leave it overnight in the fridge. I'll pop it in the oven on Thursday morning (whip up the hollandaise sauce) and we will enjoy a warm and effortless breakfast on Thanksgiving morning.

  • Platform Sneakers - Finally. I'm so late to this party. You all have been dancing around in these kicks for ages and I've been missing out. I don't know what the hold up has been... These shoes are cute, functional, comfortable, and versatile. I ordered mine during a big sale here. I can attest that they are true to size. Come to find out, you can get (what I'm betting are the EXACT same shoes) on Amazon for almost half the price. Here are a couple links to my friend Miranda's Amazon shop: I think this pair is closest to the color (taupe) that I bought. I also love this color and I'm considering these black ones that look like leather.

  • Fleece-Lined Leggings - I wasn't sure about these when I came across them. I thought they would be unflattering with the extra fabric (goodness knows, I don't need any extra padding over the rump). I was pleasantly surprised to find they didn't add any noticeable difference and I was thrilled to discover that they are supremely cozy. I don't want to take them off! The high waist is flattering. The length leaves a little scrunching at the ankle (which I don't mind at all) --see photo above. They are true to size and offer some compression. They do have a little sheen to the fabric which would make them very easy to dress up with a tunic or long sweater --and I'm certain they will look fantastic on you curled up on the couch with that glass of wine in your hand too.
  • Groomed Eyebrows - Fun fact: I seldom leave the house without putting my eyebrows on first. My priorities are these, in order: clothing (pajamas count), coffee, eyebrows, brushed teeth. I've tried lots of products and I am in favor of mixing up your routine on a regular basis. Lately and for some time, my favorite eyebrow cosmetics are Benefit's Gimme Brow and Benefit's Goof Proof Brow Pencil. Each product comes in several shades between blond and black. You'll need to get some help at the counter to find the right "prescription" for your face. It will be worth your time. The second photo collage of my face shows naked brows (top left) and finished brows (top right). The bottom three photos are my steps: 1. Shape and fill in brows with the soft crayon side of Goof Proof (be gentle during the application; we're going for a natural-ish look), 2. Use the brush side of Goof Proof to smudge and blend the pencil marks (making them less harsh-looking), 3. Use the tiny wand of Gimme Brow (a tinted gel) to add definition and texture. VoilĂ ! (Please be impressed by that grave accent. I had to do some research to figure out how to make my keyboard cooperate.)

  • Fabric Razor - Do you have one of these? Listen, if you wear sweaters (and who doesn't??), you'll need to pick one up. This handy gadget carefully cuts those annoying sweater fuzzballs off your knits and helps you carry your favorite sweaters over season to season without them looking too tired. I have had my little battery operated one since 2014. It's no longer available on Amazon but this one is similar, highly rated, and a reasonable price. I've seen them at Target too (near the irons). You should check and empty the fuzz reservoir* (I'm sure that's the technical name) as needed --several times per/sweater. Be sure to take it apart from time to time to clear the blades (my guard just twists off) and follow the directions to avoid damaging any of your clothes. I have been using mine seasonally for ages and have never pulled a hole in a sweater --but apparently it can be done. Don't be that ding dong --but do clean up those shabby cardigans! The only downside of using this device is that you'll have less sweater fuzzball picking to do when you're bored and stuck at that stoplight.
    *Handful of fuzz is from ONE sleeve

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