Thursday, October 22, 2020

Things I Love Thursday // 10.22.20

Things I Love Thursday: A weekly roundup of the simple things that are bringing me joy and that I want to share with you.

Christening our "porch refresh" 

We spend a lot of time out here when the weather is cooperating. While we love our patio furniture sets (we have another pair of chairs and table facing these across the rug), unfortunately, the cushion covers are not removable. Even less fortunately, we are not known for taking fussy care of our outdoor things (or any care, really). Long story, short: we needed to replace four pillows. I found these gorgeous ones at Marshalls for a steal. They looked great with the brick and trim but clashed with our well-loved and super-sturdy outdoor rug (which was predominately yellow). Soooo.... that got updated too. The other rug had held up like a champ (despite our neglect) so I made it a point to order a replacement made from the same material (recycled plastic) and from the same company (on Amazon). I'm absolutely loving the way this less-than-$200 project rejuvenated a space where we spend so much time! Our patio set(s) are no longer available; however, I did find this similar patio set at a great price. And this one

Coziest and Stylish Target Poncho 

I saw this cozy sweater on Ashley Petrone a super-positive, very pregnant, design blogger that I follow on Instagram. I was INFLUENCED. So happy to report that it is roomy (and also flattering), cozy, and perfect to layer with leggings or jeans this fall/winter. It comes in four colors. Boring me chose oatmeal and it's lovely! (one size)
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Enlightened Ice Cream Pops = Guilt-free sweet treats

Wow. This is a generous serving of creamy deliciousness --that if you're counting/calculating carbs and sugar, is only 1g of net carbs and <1-1g sugar per pop. That's bananas. Only it's not bananas --because those are actually full of carbs and sugar and this is not. It's just yummy and seems super indulgent. They're Enlightened (clever name) and pay attention to the packaging because not all the flavors are made the same. Big thanks to Samantha who brought them to my attention! Linked here to see the packaging --but you'll need to look for them at your local grocery store.

Swedish Dish Cloths 

I first "discovered" these little sponges at a favorite local boutique, Paper Skyscraper. I bought two, one to gift and one to keep. Since then, I've gifted several others. They really have become a favorite thing! Not only are they mighty kitchen workhorses (Reusable. Washable. Compostable.), I am also quite obsessed with the artful designs. Sadly, Paper Skyscraper does not do online sales. Happily, I've found them elsewhere online just for you! Unable to find my Tigers, but I love these Cheetahs. Check out these LEMONS (already ordered myself some, of course). J'adore these Paris ones! And check out these big ones --adorable!

A surprise delivery - Homemade Macaroons

My thoughtful friend, Sarah, popped over this week and surprised us with an adorable box of homemade macaroon cookies. Sarah's daughter and her friend have recently started a macaroon business. I've been meaning to place an order and sample them... WOW! These are seriously good cookies. If you're in the Charlotte area, I encourage you to follow M&K Macaroons. They have a simple ordering system that you can access from their BIO and they're even doing a giveaway (ends 10/29) that you can enter for a chance to win some goodies!

Homemade pizza... 

... that has been grilled on the pizza stone we gifted Greg for father's day. I'm pretty sure you can use it in the oven as well, but for some reason, the pizzas taste better when I know they've been cooked outside (Or maybe it's the fact that I didn't have to bake them?). In any event, we love homemade pizza night. Everyone does their own and makes it just the way they like. You can make your own dough (I've shared the recipe before). Or you can buy store-bought. When I buy it from the store, I usually split a "standard" (Pillsbury or deli-fresh) portion in half to create two generous individual size pizzas. Always a dinner hit!

(Super Affordable) Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt 

We went to Walmart last weekend to pick up a few more stackable adirondack-style chairs for the fire pit area and as we were walking through the holiday department toward the garden center, I caught sight of a beautiful tree "collar" made of natural fiber (wicker?). I'd never seen anything like it. It's certainly not the traditional fabric "skirt" but for $20, I thought we'd give it a go this year. Later the same day, I was walking through our neighborhood (chain) hardware store and saw an almost identical item for $130! Good grief! For some reason, I can't find the one I bought online but I did find this one that's really similar but a little pricier (it comes apart in more pieces for easier storage and has a cute ribbon) and this burlap one that is simpler and very cute too.
This post contains affiliate links and I may make a HUGE commission (j/k it's literally pennies) when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. You should know (and I'm legally required to tell you) that as an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Feel free to make me RICH. lol ;)

This post may contain affiliate links and I may make a HUGE commission (j/k it's literally pennies) when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. You should know (and I'm legally required to tell you) that as an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Feel free to make me RICH. lol ;)


  1. Great list this week, Tam! I love Swedish dishcloths. I had never seen them before and one of Terry's friends gifted me one with two giant tomatoes on it. It works really well. Those Swedish folks come up with the most innovative ideas!

    1. Thanks, Friend! I love that you’re reading along. 💛 And those dishcloths!!! It’s the little things.