Thursday, October 8, 2020

Things I Love Thursday // 10.8.20

To say that I've been conflicted about getting back into my groove of posting here about the simple pleasures and often superficial things that make me smile, would be an understatement. There are critical issues, sobering and devastating events, and daily WTF moments happening all over our country that leave me reeling. I believe we are living through an unprecedented time with much at stake. Maybe the minutes you spend here might serve as a small escape from the abundant heaviness? I've decided to tiptoe back into this space, as it has always been a part of my own self-care and helped to make me feel connected to people near and far. Cheers to some cheerfulness! 

Things I Love Thursday: A weekly roundup of the simple things that are bringing me joy and that I want to share with you.

Boobie Pot Planter 

How cute is this hand-painted, terracotta boobie pot from ViaUrban on Etsy? I first discovered Jasmine on Instagram through her amazing account @bookish_botanical. She's all about books and plants, so basically, it's a perfect match! AND I got to fill this little goodie with another sweet goodie: this lovely "elephant bush" succulent that was an unexpected gift from my girlfriend, Megan.  

This kid 

Honestly. How is she in high school already? I love this picture of GJ laughing about something and enjoying an evening this summer visiting longtime friends in Portland. Their house is a masterpiece and just being inside it makes G happy. The company is icing on the cake --of which I'm sure, she'll take two servings every time! Love.

Maybelline Lifter Lip Gloss

My friend, Gretchen (of the masterpiece house above), turned me onto this new drugstore lip gloss and it is so so good! It's Maybelline Lifter Gloss and there's some fancy ingredients (apparently) but overall, it just looks and feels great. The wand is bigger than normal for quick application and the shine is just right. There are lots of choices for color. On Gretchen's recommendation, I went with Stone and it's the perfect neutral. Just noticed that Stone is not available through the Amazon link above but you can find it online at Target or probably at your local drug store.

Ted Lasso on Apple TV

DUDE. This is the feel-good show of the year. Available on AppleTV and so incredibly delightful. Jason Sudeikis is perfection --as is the rest of the cast. The humor is spot-on for those 13+ (IMO). Greg and I sailed through the first season and have been enjoying watching the episodes again with the girls. Talk about a little escape from the troubles of our times and a great way to wrap up an evening with the family... Enjoy!
My California girlfriends just texted me about this new dip last weekend. We had a funny exchange and then lo and behold, I did find some at our Charlotte Costco --and avoided the need for smuggling. You can also find it at Target. It's excellent! I want to put it on everything. The base is almonds. Very low carb, no sugar, good amount of protein and fiber for the quantity. Overall a terrific find! Thanks, Ladies! xxoo 

Insta Dri Polish from Sally Hansen 

I've blogged about this polish before (in "Slick Slate"). Here's why I love the product: it goes on in one coat, the texture is smooth and not at all sticky, it dries very quickly (as promised), it holds up to the dishes like a champ, and I never have to use a topcoat for extra shine. It's a great drugstore find --I get mine at my local Food Lion grocery store --but you can find it at Target online and other places too, I'm sure! My latest color is "Expresso" and it appears to be shimmery in the linked photo from Target but it's not.

Dinner outside by the fire

The evenings have cooled and we are enjoying fall out here in Charlotte. After some much-needed yard cleanup, we've been trying to spend more time outside during what is definitely my favorite season. This week, on the recommendation of my friend and fellow "foodie night" contributor,  Amy, I made Nourishing White Bean and Lemon Soup. Oh my! This one should go on your short list! It's all about the lemon (and so am I)! Anyhoo... in a spontaneous move, we decided to eat it campout-style from our laps by the fire pit. Such a simple idea that I think made a big impact toward appreciating the moment.

The SOFTEST Amazon (long) Cardigan

I have been trying to purchase less "fast fashion." I really have. After our shopping hiatus (ugh... longest 5 months of my life!) I was on a fairly good streak. Then COVID and quarantine. After all the bread-baking, plant cultivating, new recipes, overeating, etc... I've fallen back into some less-than-great habits. Among them, a little fast fashion. However... THIS is the softest, coziest, perfect-length, pockets-included fall cardigan. It's $37. I ordered a Medium. I'm going to wear it all of the days. Perhaps you will too?

Lamb Kofta Skewers from Whole Foods 

My friend, Anne, turned us onto these delicious ground lamb kabobs from the prepared meat section. Greg grills them and I usually serve with a green salad and roasted or grilled veggies. They usually offer two flavors: Greek and Turkish. Greek is our jam. If you have access to Whole Foods through Amazon delivery, then it's even easier to get your hands on some. Let me know if you try any!

And finally, a special shoutout to my pal, Sally, who with a little phone call this week pushed me toward the decision to spend a little time thinking about some happiness and sharing it with y'all.

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