Thursday, March 11, 2021

Things I Love Thursday // 3.11.21

Dating Again

After my second baby, I experienced postpartum depression. Thankfully, my case was identified early. I had amazing support and was in privileged circumstances. I met with my OB and interventions were quickly put in place. One of the best pieces of advice from my therapist at that time was to hire non-family sitters (a roster of them) and plan regular date nights with my husband (and coffees, lunches, workouts, etc). Again, very privileged. What I'm getting at is that Greg and I have consistently enjoyed dating one another for a century --ok, maybe not that long --but certainly a long-ass time. Obviously, when the world shut down a year ago, so went date night. Finally, gratefully, Date Night is making a small comeback. Here we are at our first high school football game together (which could be an entire stand-alone post about nostalgia). What a delight to sit outside and listen to one of our musicians add the soundtrack for the game!

couple in masks at an outdoor event

girl with braids in a mask holding a flute

More Progress in the Living Room

Remember the gorgeous (and enormous) mirror I found last week in the consignment store near my house? The sucker was so big that I had to call a friend to borrow his truck to get it home. It's also VERY heavy. But look! It's up. I love it. There were a few scuff marks on the wicker that these awesome furniture markers took care of with almost zero effort. I even cleared out the stacks of misplaced things that had been poorly hiding behind the couch since we demo'd the built-ins in the study. (Yes, I did move some of it to the hallway --but still...)

Large wooden-framed circular mirror

living room with gallery wall and large circular mirror

More Consistent In-Person Learning

Our district just voted to approve a more consistent in-person learning schedule for our middle and high school kids. At first, I thought it might mean fewer days that look like this (below) --but it turns out that it actually calculates to only ONE additional day of on-campus instruction. However, the kids will be on campus every week moving forward and I am thankful for this tiny step toward returning to normal. Still a long way to go...

girl at the dining room table with a laptop; cat at her feet

Table & Twine

Wow. Thanks to my neighbor's mistake in planning her meals for the week, we ended up the grateful recipients of a meal kit from Table & Twine that she wasn't going to be able to use for her family. I cannot overstate how effortless it was to prepare this meal. It came together beautifully in under 10 minutes: no cleaning, chopping, or measuring. And it was delicious to boot! If you're in Charlotte or Charleston, you can try them out for yourself.

shrimp pasta in a white bowl

table & twine recipe card and packaged ingredients on the counter

Spring Sunshine

According to our local meteorologist, it's too early to plant the garden because we can expect another late frost; however, the temperatures have climbed into the 70s this week and my allergies (along with everyone else's) are going nuts --which only means one thing: time to buy more plants and prep the front porch for evening sips.

sunny front porch with sitting area and plants

small lemon tree in the backseat of a car

Justine Gilbuena

I came across Justine's artwork on Instagram. Her illustrations feel simple, warm, generous, and full of friendship. They remind me of my childhood in a very Mary Engelbreit way. (BTW, Engelbreit is an active Instagrammer and fun to follow.) I ordered three little sticky note pads from Justine's online store (she also sent a delightful bookmark): the tea and cookies for Geneva (my little old lady in a 15YO body), the propagation bottles for Piper (who's attempting this on her bedroom gallery wall), and the plant gifting for me. So sweet! It didn't take Piper long to put hers to good use!

3-photo collage: small package with bookmark, an array of three sticky note pads, a note taped to a doorknob

Fredrik Backman

I just finished Beartown. My friend, Tracie, mentioned loving this book "almost as much as A Man Called Ove over a year ago. I added it to my list and only just got around to listening to it (because I had finished Anxious People and was reminded of how much I appreciate and adore Backman). If you haven't read any of his novels yet, I encourage you to do so. Like, now. His characters are layered and his storytelling is superb. I keep saying, he will break your heart and then he will put it back together again --with an extra sprinkling of beauty and grace.

cat on a couch with a book titled Beartown

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